Start Date      :    2010-05-20
Project Duration     :  6-12 m
$50/hr on c2c

City     :     NY
State     :     Manhasset,

otal Experience     :     8
US Experience     :     6
Primary Skills     :     Oracle DBA with BO or BI experience
Other Information     :
Oracle DBA with BO or BI experience

(1) Good experience of Relational Database (Development & Operation) and
good knowledge of the whole Data Base
(2)Plus + Oracle knowledge. ( If a candidates does not have it, it will be
fine DB only such as DB2, SQL Server and so on)
(3) Good experience of Development and Operation with Unix Shell scripting.
Good writing skill for Shell script.
(4)Plus + good experience DWH formulation and operation.
(5)Java Development (a good knowledge of Business Objects or Business
Update Note     :


Mohan Rao
630-242-3952 ext 217

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