*Title: Share Point Lead*

*Location: Washington, DC*

*Length: 12 Months*

One of our client is looking for a tech lead/consultant who will be working
with SharePoint architects and system owners to perform requirements/gap
analysis and develop the underlying functional specifications.*

   1. *Once we have functional specifications as close to "final" as
   possible, I need the tech lead/consultant to prepare the associated
   technical specification/development blueprint, along with assistance in
   preparing IV&V/test plan materials.*
   2. *This person will also be responsible for day-to-day management of
   "developers", but is also expected to engage in development directly.*
   3. *General "development" skill set required is a fundamental
   understanding of MOSS 2007 Enterprise, SP1/SP2, from the top-level of
   skinning to the core of the SharePoint object model.*

*What I'm *NOT* looking for:*

   1. *I do not need a "SharePoint architect" who's simply going to do
   requirements analysis and information architecture.  The vast majority of
   people who claim to be "architects" that have come across my desk don't even
   know how to package a simple feature to deploy content types.  Those people
   I don't need or want.*
   2. *I do not want anyone who is adamant about following MS "best
   practices" in a vacuum.  Our focus is on the client and getting the job done
   and, unfortunately, Microsoft guidance is often not the "best practice".*
   3. *For the technical lead/consultant opening, I do not need/want a pure
   programmer who simply takes direction to "build a widget".  I need someone
   who can understand the business process and business problems and help come
   up with possible technology solutions, along with the pros/cons/costs of

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