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We have a requirement for *Network Engineer in Harrisburg, PA.*  So if you
are available then please send the updated resume to me along with following
details, or call me back at 717-704-0059

*Full Name *


*Phone  ***

*Email    *

*Visa      *

*Availability *

*Rate    *

* *

*    *

*Employer’s Details:- a.) Company Name :-*

*                                             b.) Contact Person :-
                                              c.)  Contact Email  :-
                                              d.)  Contact Phone  :-*

* *

* *

*Requirement Details*

* *

*Location      :  Harrisburg, PA *

* Duration      : 4 Months*

* *


Short Description:
Candidate will implement and maintain overall security for the network
architecture of PennDOT LAN/WAN networks.

Complete Description:
Maintain and Troubleshoot overall security of the PennDOT LAN/WAN networks
including, but not limited to:

Checkpoint Firewalls
Windows file permissions on an enterprise level
Aid with AD security implementation
Track and gather information on network security breaches
Manage enterprise ISS host based intrusion detection
Document plans
Develop Network diagrams

Also work with Senior Consultants to:

1. Maintain/troubleshoot a distributed Checkpoint Firewall Solution
consisting of a stand alone management server and two Nokia firewalls
2. Follow network security and response plan for PennDOT
3. Oversee daily operations of network security
4. Monitor enterprise firewalls on a daily basis to ensure that legitimate
traffic is passing through the firewalls as it should.
5. Investigate and resolve Trouble Tickets for network security issues as
6. Troubleshoot Nokia hardware/repair as necessary
7. Utilize NAI network sniffer and Cisco Network Analysis Module as
necessary to capture and analyze network traffic

8. Troubleshoot connectivity issues through firewalls.
9. Configure and install Checkpoint firewall appliances
10. Maintain MCafee enterprise antivirus system.
11. Maintain Cisco FWSM.


Required Years


 Checkpoint Firewall configuration & maintenance

5 Years Required

Experience implementing/maintaining Cisco routers

5 Years Required

AD Security Experience

3 Years Required

MCafee enterprise antivirus system experience

1 Years  Required

Cisco FWSM experience

1 Years Required

Nokia Firewall Appliance experience

0 Years  Highly Desired


0 Years  Highly Desired


0  Years  Nice to Have

 Site Minder Experience or Familiarity

0  Years  Nice to Have

*Questions For Requirement     *

Question 1:
Candidates must be available for an onsite interview. Is your candidate able
to do an onsite interview?

Question 2:
Vendor/Candidate will be responsible to pay for CWOPA ID badge - do you

     Question 1:
Describe your involvement with SAP Financial configuration and
development   Question 2:

Describe your experience with SAP Funds Management budgeting   Question 3:
Describe your experience in documenting business processes.

Bhanu Kochhar

Sourcing Specialist

iBusiness Solution LLC

Phone: 717-704-0059

Fax: 412-202-8931

Email: bh...@ibusinesssolution.com ; Yahoo IM: kochharbhanu.


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