Location : CA

Role : Mid-level Unix Admin  with 5 yrs Experience.

Rate : $Market Rate/hr on C2C

I have a new contract position open in the Cupertino area.

They are looking for a Unix systems admin with strong experience in Unix and
some experience with Mac OS. The person should have around 4-5 years of
experience so kind of a mid level engineer. This will go from six months to
a year depending on how good the candidate is. Also this person should have
solid experience working with the command line interface with Cisco IOS..
Let me know if you have anyone and I am looking forward to seeing your

*1. Ongoing support for lab and networking infrastructure (e.g. servers,
SANs, network switches, fiber channel switches, software, backup systems,
etc.), Monitor operations to ensure proper behavior.*

*2. Be a point of contact for users issues, provide initial troubleshooting
for system, hardware, and network issues, and take hardware to on-site as

*3. Work with IT networking team as needed to help improve the existing
network infrastructure in the lab, or to implement new technologies and
procedures, and troubleshoot as needed.*

*4. Ensure systems are properly monitored and backed up.*

*5. Administer the systems used to run infrastructure, e.g. website,
backups, etc. Manage the inventory process and inventory database.*
*I am looking for someone who has strong background in Unix systems
administration, networking, managing different switches both through web
interface and command-line, and Cisco IOS switches; and should be familiar
with monitoring tools, DHCP, DNS, NetBoot/NetRestore, virtual machines, and
have proven troubleshooting capabilities. In addition, this person should
have strong knowledge of scripting languages, e.g. Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
on Rails, and should be able to install and configure server software and
web applications. Since the job would involve moving machines, the person
should be able to lift up to 50 lb. Experience with *


Mohan Rao
Resource Manager
(Oracle Apps &  Sap)

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