*Plz send profiles to ki...@globalnest.com <v...@globalnest.com>*

*Locals are preferred*

* *

*Position: .Net Programmer*

*Location: Bethlehem, PA*

*Duration: 6+ Months*

*Description: *

·         *Need a new resource in the role of System Analyst*, the
requirements are to support both *.NET v2 and v3* (apparently the vendor
software does use both) and *SQL Server 2005*.

·         The vendor's app uses *ASP.NET*, plus some older *COM
modules*that were written in
*C or C++.* From the support perspective, it's the *ASP.NET*-based app that
we worry about the most, but it would help if the analyst understood how COM
and COM+ work and interact with it, since this is where we are seeing
problems with the app right now.

·         They wouldn't need to debug the problem if it's in the software
itself - that would be the vendor's responsibility - but they would need to
intelligently diagnose the problem and correct it if it's an environment

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