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Please let me know do you have any consultant for this position

Reply me ASAP

Job Title                   :   Oracle Developer
Project Duration     :  6 months
Location                  :   Richmond, VA
*Rate                       : open*

Skill set                    :

Ideally looking for someone equally strong in Finance/GL as they are as an
Oracle Developer.

·         This is an Oracle Developer role but….. Financial knowledge base
requires an understanding of financial reporting, especially the makeup and
creation of the P&L(s) and Balance Sheet(s) driven by the Chart of Accounts
contained in the General Ledgers throughout the organization.

·         There are approximately 150 General Ledger locations which are
consolidated at multiple levels, so the consolidation concept is

·         Understanding allocations ( experience A PLUS ) is an important
skill set.

·         In the P&L there are many non profit producing business units,
cost centers, etc. that need to be divided and charged to other business
units, cost centers, end markets.

·         This is primarily done by a percent of sales or a percent of cost
of goods sold.

·         Extensive coding in Oracle drives these calculations so some
business knowledge is beneficial to be able to understand what the coding
is trying accomplish with regards to allocations as an issue surfaces and
needs to be investigated / resolved.

·         In addition to business unit, cost center, and end market
allocations there are allocations to products and customers.

·          So conceptual understanding of the financial ramifications of
this billing activity and allocation thereof is necessary especially since
it is taking place out of 20+ different systems and 130 billing locations.

If you have someone that you think may be a good fit…..  please send them
to me…..



 *SCOTT . Sr Associate Recruiter*

*Sriven Technologies LLC*

Office: 703.842.4866X302

* *

"Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what
they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand."

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