Please send resumes to PH:646-405-5559
Role : webMethods developer

Location:  Houston, TX

Start Date: 6/25 (projected)

Duration: 3+ months


  a.. Proficient in webMethods technologies 
    a.. emphasis on ESB including webMethods Integration Server and Broker.  
  b.. Design and development skills are a must.  
  c.. Ability to upgrade from v6.5 to v8.2.2,  (must have experience with 8.x) 
  d.. Skills around architecting an upgrade solution and putting together the 
project plan.  

Project Summary: Upgrade the client’s existing 6.5 platform to v8.2.2. 

Below is a list of the proposed new versions functionality.            

•               Asynchronous calls (publish / subscribe) 

•               Synchronous calls (request/reply)

•               Routing of messages to one or more destinations

•               Guaranteed delivery – If the receiving system is unavailable 
the message is stored until it is available or manually removed

•               Ability to send a message only once to prevent duplicates

•               Ordered Queues - in-order message delivery using a queue

•               Message Transformation – ability to transform a message to an 
alternate representation

•               Ability to communicate with a standard Java Messaging Service 
(JMS) implementation

•               Expose Broker/Messaging System API for Java programming to 
allow developers to use the broker directly via java

•               Provide Adapters to Oracle and Sybase databases – this provides 
the ability to listen to applications or the broker for certain events and 
react as needed


  a.. Consultants must have experience upgrading from 6.5 to 8.x.  
  b.. A minimum of 5 years webMethods experience is required.

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