Job Title:                             Jr. Java Developer (297081 )
Job Order Date:                06/26/2012
Client Name:                     State of Maine
Compensation: 55 year on c-c/1099 or $45 on w2
Location:                             Augusta, ME
VisaType:                            ANY
Source:                 Maine, State of Education
Job Order Status:             Active
Duration:                             6 months
No. Of Positions:             1

The primary focus is to ensure that compliance with the Sex Offender 
Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) is met.  Public Safety's Criminal 
History Record Information System (CHRI) currently has a sex offender 
component, but a gap exists between what it provides and what is required by 
SORNA.  CHRI utilizes an Oracle database and recently underwent a transition to 
a Web-based PL/SQL user interface (all except Sex Offender Registry which 
currently remain in legacy Oracle Forms).

A Sex Offender Registry Tool (SORT), provided by the US Department of Justice 
is available for us to utilize.  SORT utilizes a JDBC connection (Java) and a 
MySQL database.  It also includes a Web Services component as well as mapping 
(KML).  SORT meets all SORNA requirements, but may have additional 
functionality beyond what is required by SORNA.  SORT technical assistance is 
available to us for a limited period of time.

Our intent is to leverage the existing SORT Web Services to the greatest extent 
possible and incorporate it into our CHRI system.  Analysis will need to be 
conducted to determine what modifications, if any are needed.  We expect this 
person to take a lead role in this effort (receiving functional direction from 
our senior staff).

We anticipate this will include documentation regarding the Web Services from 
analysis/design through implementation, coordinating with technical staff to 
get the web services in place, and providing a walk through to our staff to 
help achieve a knowledge transfer so we can provide ongoing support.

While the primary focus will be on Web Services, it is possible we may need 
technical expertise in other areas (mapping tools, database, etc.) associated 
with understanding and making the modifications necessary to achieve SORNA 

This person will need to not only have very strong analytical skills, but 
preferably will be well versed in the key technologies used by SORT (Java) (Web 
Services) (Mapping) and CHRI (Web-based PL/SQL).

We do not anticipate the Programmer 4 will do any Web-based PL/SQL development, 
but we do anticipate this person will take a lead role (with functional 
direction from our senior staff) in implementing SOR web service(s).  As such, 
we need someone with a strong background implementing web-services.

Note: pending the approval of additional funding, this engagement may be 
extended to provide technical guidance to optimize existing Java Web Services 
within CHRI.

The Programmer 4 will need to be familiar with a variety of the application 
technologies, environments, concepts, methodologies, practices, and procedures. 
 This person may be assigned a variety of complex tasks with minimal 

The typical work week for this position will be during normal business hours 
Monday thru Friday, 8 hours per day.  However, this position will not work 
state holidays.

Years of Relevant Experience: 8-10
Preferred Education: 4 year college degree or equivalent technical study with 
advanced study preferred.

Role Description:
*Performs detailed analysis
*Identifies and documents system requirements
*Develops conceptual system design
*Provides expertise in one or more database environments.
*Leverages excellent written and verbal communication skills to develop 
business process and programming solutions as directed by business and 
technical stakeholders
*Confers with other business and technical personnel to resolve problems of 
intent, inaccuracy, or feasibility of computer programming
*Utilize deep modeling, design and coding skills (primary focus web services)
*Conduct structured walk-throughs
*Work with users to ensure solutions meet business requirements
*Develops applications systems components based on design specifications

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