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Title:                                     Linux Systems Administrator 

Start Date:                          ASAP

Contract Duration:          6-12 months

                          San Jose, California 95134

Client owns a project for one of their clients in San Jose, CA.  They have 
already brought on 2 sys Admins and need one more.  

Their current agencies have not provided them with the quality of candidates 
that they need so they are giving us a shot at proving our recruiting 

If we fill this role he has guaranteed exclusives moving forward.

Here is what candidates have been missing:

The candidates do not seem to have the command line experience on Apache and 

They might have configured a server etc. but they really do not understand the 

Responsibilities & duties (Mandatory)

Responsibility –

  a.. Trouble shoot infra issues related to tomcat, apache, open source 
applications configuration, tunneling, clustering, DNS, Web security, SSL 
certificates, Log rotation, Backup activities, Performance issue, Latency 
issue, load balancer issues for 200+ Unix hosts. 
  b.. Application code deployment, setting up new environment if required with 
clustering/load balancing etc. 
  c.. Participate actively in infra design discussion 
  d.. Provide on-call support in case of any outage 
  e.. Resolving client tickets on infra, software, third party issue 
  f.. Coordinating with other teams for resolution of issue 
  g.. Provide SME services to the client on infra/host matters 
  h.. Work with offshore for tickets/maintenance of infra 
  i.. Analysis of various change request and its impact 
  j.. Apply patches/modules/builds on various environment 
  k.. Outage prevention and Risk identification/mitigation
Co-ordinate with vendors for integration health

Minimum Requirements: 

Must have skills:

  1.. Solid Knowledge of Apache, mod_jk configuration, rewrite rules, virtual 
hosting, reverse proxy, load balancing, various HTTP headers 
  2.. Solis Knowledge of Tomcat configuration. Heap Size, Thread Dump, Heap 
Dump, GC Logs 
  3.. Unix commands such as netstat, nslookup, cat, grep, find, awk, sort, 
uniq, ps 
  4.. Ability to follow directions and install open source products (like 
  5.. Good knowledge of shell scripting 
  1.. This is a Linux admin role with a title of System Admin. 
  2.. Located in  San Jose, CA , busy atmosphere 
  3.. Hours of support  8-5pm PST 
  4.. Multiple team members, Akibia owns the project
Large environment over 500 servers. Weblogic and Websphere candidates are 
typically not a fit since they do not have the command line experience needed.

Thanks & Regards 


Technical Recuriter

Sriven Infosys Inc


Phone: 917-563-2463

E-mail :

Gmail :

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