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                 We have an below urgent requirement from our client.


*Location: **Manhattan, NY***

*Duration: **6 months*



Code, evaluate, install, implement and debug web applications built with
ASP.NET 4.  Code, evaluate, install, implement and debug web applications
created from the Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft MVC 3 Framework and Telerik
controls.  As a programmer, you will also need to be able to: (i) create
HTML/CSS code from PSDs, (ii) create drag-and-drop interfaces, (iii) create
graphs, and (iv) create interactive-grids.  The candidate is expected to
have specific experience on other projects in which the candidate
implemented user services, consumed and manipulated data from SQL Server
2008 instances, as well as deployed, configured, and secured web
applications via IIS7.

Duties include:

Consuming and manipulating data: Access and manipulate data from SQL Server
2008 by creating and using

ad hoc queries and stored procedures; and access and manipulate data from
stores via the Microsoft Entity Framework.

Testing and debugging: Create unit test plans; implement tracing; and
debug, rework, and resolve defects in code (dotNET and T-SQL

 Deploying web applications: Plan the deployment of web applications via
IIS7; create setup programs that install web applications and allow them to
be uninstalled; deploy web applications; and add assemblies to the global
assembly cache.

Supporting web applications: Optimize the performance of web applications;
diagnose and resolve errors as well as alter implementation of business

Configuring and securing web applications: Configure web applications;
configure security for web applications with IIS7; configure authorization
and authentication within code behind; configure and implement caching;
configure and implement session state; and install and configure server

·         Previous experience creating and deploying new or revised, but
very large/complex (e.g., more than five views) dotNET web sites, .NET web
application programming, sound experience programming with Visual Studio
2010 IDE to create MVC 3 (Razor view engine) ASP.NET web-applications
patterned after the MVVM architecture with Visual Basic or C#.

·         Previous multi-project experience writing SQL Server 2008 stored
procedures, basic knowledge of Microsoft Entity Framework, basic knowledge
of LINQ-SQL, basic knowledge of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

·         Moderate HTML skills (either HTML 4 or HTML 5).

·         Exposure to Telerik MVC controls and NHibernate.

·         Skill to create a REST service in front of SQL Server data.

·         Experience with RESTsharp (an open source REST client for dotNET
for consuming third-party HTTP APIs).

·         Moderate javascript skills

·         Moderate CSS skills (either CSS2 or CSS3), including transfer of
the project from a development computer to a “production server” using

·         Exposure to TFS as both source control and task manager.

·         Demonstrated usage of SSRS via the Report Viewer

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*Sr IT Recruiter*


*EMail: rajve...@usmsystems.com*

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