*System Administration in Solaris and Linux*

·         6 years of IT Experience as System Administration in Solaris and
Linux on SUN SPARC Servers E250, E450, V440, V480, V490, E420R, E4500,
E6500, E6800, workstations (Blade 60/100), Intel x-86 machines, DL 385,585
and IBM boxes.

·         Installation and administration of Solaris 8, 9 & 10 Operating
System through interactive

·         Installation and administration of Linux Operating System through

·         Installation of Packages, Configuring and Administrating NIS,
DNS, NFS, SAMBA Servers.

·         Configuration of Containers & Zones in Solaris 10.

·         Automation of Jobs through Crontab & autosys.

·         Web Hosting Administration FTP, Telnet, SSH.

·         Addition of users and groups in Linux.

·         Troubleshooting issues related to Network and updating the
static-routes in Linux.

·         Configuring & administrating Solaris Volume Manager.

·         Installation of Operating system by Custom Jumpstart & Flash

·         Experienced in Performance tuning of Sun SPARC and Linux servers
using tools like top, prstat, vmstat etc.

·         Extensive working knowledge in Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM,
VxFS) & Clusters for Disk management, Volume Management & increased disk

·         Implemented RAID levels Raid 0, Raid 0+1, and Raid 5 for Disk
management. Upgrading normal file Systems to RAID levels for growing
size/redundancy requirements.

·         Developed UNIX shell scripts using bash, korn & C Shell
Scripting, SED and AWK to ease the administration tasks.

·         Experience on NAS & NetApps.

·         Installation of Red Hat rpms as and when required.

·         Experience on Apache and knowledge on mysql.

·         Working experience in Testing, Development and Production

·         Working experience in Large Data centers in Production
environment with 24X7 and On-Call Support.

·         Installation of Windows NT/2000 Operating System and configuring

*Education Qualifications:*

ü   Bachelor of Computer Science

Technical Skills


 SUN SPARC Servers E250/E450, E420R, E4500, E6500, E6800, T2000,T6300,
T6320,V440, V490, V880 Workstations Blade 60/100, Compaq DL380, DL385,
DL585, IBM LS20, Hp BL20,ESX Guest. T5240,T5000
  Operating Systems

Solaris 8, 9,10  Red-Hat Linux 2.0,3.5,4.0,HP-UX,Windows NT/2000/2003

VERITAS Volume Manager 4.0/5.0,Veritas Cluster 5.0.
  Tools & Utilities

Virtual & Resolve IT ticketing Tool, RFCs, RemedyVer:4.5, ITSM7.0, RILO,
BMC Patrol, Team Quest, CYCLADE,ALOM/LOM Cute FTP, Reflection, PC-XWARE,
NAS, Netport Printer,

EMC Symmetric, Clarion, RIO 1000,Storage Edge A1000,D1000
  Backup Tools

Tivoli Storage Management (TSM), Legato Backups, VERITAS NetBackup.
  Network Services

  Internet Servers

Apache2.x, OEM, Sun Studio11, MQ6.0, WAS, BEA Web Logic 8.x, MS mail.
  Data Base Servers

OEM,Oracle 8,9,10.sybase,MS Sql 6.5/7.0


Thanks and Regards

*Shiva kumar*
*Shivam Infotech Inc.*

Gtalk : shiv.itrecruiter

Yahoo : shiv.itrecruiter

Phone: 609-759-1805

Fax: 866-544-9938


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