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Job Title: MySQL Database Administrator

Total Positions: 1

*Location:* Sunrise, FL

*Type:* Full Time  OR Contractor

*Min. Experience:* Entry Level

*Job Tasks:*

- Execution of day to day data corrections.
- Generation of reports both ad hoc and routine.
- Ensure that access to data is restricted to only those who need it.
- Monitor the performance of database servers.
- Optimize queries and tables.

*Should have Requirements:*

- Understand the concept of a foreign key.
- Have worked with a production database.
- An understanding of best practices.
- A strategy for data management within the scope of your own work (how you
handle data you are working with or changing).
- Protecting Data when updating tables.
- Understand how to rename a database, table, column or row.
- Understand the use of the keyword "limit".
- Be able to log into a MySQL database with a non-graphical client.

*Nice to have:*

- Be able to perform joined updates and deletions.
- Experience with Stored Procedures.
- Experience backing up and restoring a database or table.
- Experience installing and configuring MySQL at the server level.
- Experience with an HA environment.
- Experience with Linux.
- Understanding the slow query log output.
- Understanding the difference between transactional tables and
non-transactional tables and when you might use either.
- Understanding the scope of variables.
- Work experience in either HIPAA or PCI complaint environments.


- Perl or PHP or Ruby or Python or any sort of script based programming
- Use of other DB's is nice but not necessary.
- A programming background is a plus, but should not be an architect level
- A security background is also good.



*Unicom Technologies Inc.,*

*Phone:  309-740-1565*

*Fax: 1-866-291-2541*

*Mail: <>*

*Web: <>*

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