Title: Linux Engineer

Location: Reston, VA

Length: 1 Year+

Interview Process: Must complete the screening questions before submission,
phone screen with hiring manager, homework assignment, WebEx final
interview if not local

Engineers MUST be versed in both Linux administration as well as
application support (Java or C) in an enterprise environment.  OPEN TO

Must haves:

•             Experience in large infrastructure environment – preferably
above 100+ servers. The larger the better.

•             Experience in an environment running a significant number of
Linux hosts. 50+ hosts preferred.

•             Deployment experience where something has been deployed to
more than one server at once (task/deployment automation)

•             Experience writing scripts – preferably scripts with over 50+

•             Any e-mail experience is very desirable (Postfix, Sendmail)

•             Monitoring applications with Nagios

Application Support experience:

•             Experience looking at logs to identify potential problems and
application performance

•             Experience evaluating metrics of an application (i.e. number
of success counts vs. error counts)

•             Experience with end-to-end monitoring of an application
(Nagios - most common tool). Able to discuss how they did and set up
“alarming” for the application.

•             Have performed application performance troubleshooting –
identified performance issue, reviewed logs/data, developed course of
action to problem solve and troubleshoot issue

•             Must have demonstrated independent experience with more than
just application installation. Configuring, tuning, upgrading
troubleshooting, etc. (cannot have just gotten a script to follow from
someone else for configuring – must have developed on own)

Every reference check:

•             How large was the total server environment? How many total
Linux hosts? How many Linux hosts was each individual responsible for on

•             What was the candidate’s application support experience?

•             What types of applications were they supporting (Java-based?

•             Were they responsible for application installation? After
installation, who was responsible for configuring, tuning, monitoring the
application? Did this person do this work independently or was there
another “application” team that assisted?

Search String Guidance:

Technology: Linux, Redhat, (Postfix or Sendmail), (Java or C), (bash or
perl or python or shell), (Apache or Tomcat or jboss), Nagios

Responsibilities: tun*, configurat*, monitor*, upgrade*troublesho*,
automat*, deploy*

Applications in Comcast Environment: Zimbra, CADirectory, Scality, Vmware

Thanks & Regards,

Ramesh Kumar

*Global **Associates Inc/ **VCarve Inc*

*||* 7106 Corporate Way* ||* Dayton, OH 45459 *||*

*||*Phone:  937-877-5870 * ||* Fax: 937-312-1205 *||*

ram...@gassociates.com* or*  ram...@vcarve.com *||* www.gassociates.com*||*

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