*Please send profile to p...@svksystems.com <p...@svksystems.com>*

*Interview process: 2 Phone Interviews*

*Senior* *Front End developers/UI Engineers*

*Length of Contract: One Year (through Dec 2015)*

*Location: NYC*


*Looking for 8+ years’ experience*, and the below is a MUST (and please see
attached for a more concise JD)

Needs to be able to handle *large scale application development*

Needs to be focused more on *application development*

2 years of Angular or backbone etc

Frameworks like *angular JS, backbone, ember*, etc.

Needs a deeper knowledge of computer science

Javascript experience

Good to have experience building financial applications

*MUST* have large web application development experience, ecommerce website
with a lot of interactivity and transactions

Applications required putting in trades, negotiating pricing trades (with
lots of data and charts)

Senior UI Engineer with at least 3 years of experience building Web
Applications using MVC frameworks such as Angular, Backbone or Ember and 10
years minimum of overall experience.

*Main duties and responsibilities:*

•        Converting Mockups to working User Interfaces

•        Building well-structured UI components that follow best practices

•        Writing Unit and Integration tests

•        Taking feedback from users and making interaction changes

•        Troubleshooting performance issues


The requirements are categorized as below:

*Computer Science*

-        Have a Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Science. Lack of a
degree may be substituted by equivalent professional experience

-        Strong understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, Time/Space

-        Working knowledge of Design Patterns

-        Working knowledge of Object-Oriented and/or Functional Programming

*UI Engineering*

-        Understand the concept of Event Loops, Single-threaded execution

-        Understand the concept of UI Virtualization

-        Understand the technical details of how UI is rendered on-screen.
E.g.: How does browser render HTML?

-        Know the difference between Immediate-mode and Retained-mode of

-        Experience handling performance issues with rendering

-        Experience profiling, debugging and troubleshooting CPU, Memory
and logic issues, preferably with Chrome DevTools.


-        Understand the difference between Html 4.0 and Html 5.0

-        Have knowledge of what is new in Html 5.0

-        Browser differences


-        Experience applying Functional and Object-Oriented styles of

-        Understand details of the prototype chain

-        Working knowledge of standard ECMAScript 5 APIs

-        Working knowledge of libraries such as: Underscore or LoDash,

-        Experience building apps with Angular.Js. Bonus: Experience with
other MVC frameworks such as Backbone, Ember, React.

-        Experience with build tools such as: Grunt, SASS, Browserify,


-        Know the various kinds of selectors and their specificity

-        Understand the new properties introduced in CSS3

-        Understand CSS directives such as @import, @media, @font-face

-        Understand Responsive Web Design

-        Understand how selectors are looked up, triggers for Style

-        Experience with proper structuring of CSS using techniques such as

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