*Hyperion Consultant*

*Seattle, WA*

*6+ Months*

 Hyperion Budget System. The objectives of this work are to:

   1. Implement a new planning application;
   2. Implement a new ASO cube;
   3. Update ODI interfaces to support the new cubes; and
   4. Develop a step-by-step guide for archiving data.

This work is described in more detail below. Detailed requirements for each
objective are included in the Requirements Attachment.

Expected benefits of the project include:

   - Significant reduction in the time required to perform key business
   calculations: scenario aggregations in OPEX, data pushes from planning to
   ASO, compensation calculations in HCP, and compensation allocations in HCP.
   - Significant improvement in the performance of queries in the ASO
   reporting cube and reduction in the risk of request time outs.

   1. *Planning Application*
   2. The vendor will assist Client in creating a new planning application.
   The application would be largely based on the current state application,
   but includes some key changes in the outline. These changes include
   reducing the number of dimensions used in the OPEX cube, adding hierarchies
   within flat dimensions in HCP and OPEX, and removing unused / unnecessary
   members from the cubes. These changes are outlined in the requirements
   document in Attachment A. Implementing these recommendations will require
   the vendor to build a new planning application, migrate a revised version
   of the outline to this application, and migrate all other planning and
   Essbase objects to the application.

  *ASO database*

The vendor will assist King County in building a new ASO database. The
database will include data and metadata from OPEX, HCP, and the County’s
Project Information Center database. The ASO database should be designed to
optimize the speed of data transfers into the cube and data retrievals out
of the cube. Specific requirements are outlined in Attachment A.

 *ODI Interface Modification*

The vendor will assist the County in modifying its current ODI topology to
point to the new planning application and ASO cube. Additionally, the
vendor will need to modify approximately ten scenarios to update the
outline in it revised state. The ODI scenarios that need to be modified are
specified in the Requirements Attachment A.

 *Archive Design*

The vendor will develop a document that includes a design and step by step
process to archive the planning application and the ASO cube at the end of
the 2017-18 budget cycle.


 The Oracle Hyperion Solution has been in production for approximately two
years at King County. Over that time period, the County has made
significant improvements to the solution as part of their continuous
improvement initiative.

The Budget System includes the following modules:

   - Hyperion Planning and Budgeting (
   - Oracle Public Sector Planning and Budgeting (
   - Hyperion EssBase (
   - Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (

The Budget System includes a Block Storage Option (BSO) cube with two plan

   - Human Capital Planning: A position-employee database that projects
   salary, benefit, and FTE counts for the County’s 14,000 positions. In 2013,
   this database was restructured to exclude employee data.
   - OPEX: A line-item budget database that receives aggregated salary and
   benefit data from HCP.

The Budget System also includes an Aggregate Storage Option (ASO) reporting
cube that receives data from the HCP and OPEX databases.

The Budget System includes multiple interfaces with external databases.
Hyperion receives personnel data from PeopleSoft Human Capital Management
(HCM) and metadata from Oracle Enterprise Business Suite (EBS). Hyperion
transfers account level data to two modules of Oracle Enterprise Business
Suite – General Ledger (GL) and Projects and Grants (PG). The interfaces
were built and maintained using Oracle Data Integrator The
scenarios that are actively in use are listed below.

*Thanks & Regards*

*Rathna Kumar*

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