*Java Developer *

*SAP Labs in *

*Palo Alto, CA *

*12+ Months Contract*

   - Consultant in delivering high quality, mission critical, innovative
   and cost effective software products and applications for startup and large
   global organizations using Core Java and JEE. Expertise in developing
   Object Oriented, Web-based, Web Services, Relational Database, NoSQL and
   Client-Server  software products and applications.
   - Very strong experience with Linux
   - Diversified and hands on experience using Java Enterprise Edition,
   Hibernate, Spring, Flex, Struts, XML and related technologies, Web Services
   (REST and SOAP based), C++, C, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and MS SQL
   - Strong programming experience with Java, application servers and
   software packages. Involved in complete product life cycle with various
   - Expertise working with Agile methodologies like Scrum. Have also
   worked extensively with the Waterfall Model.
   - Experienced in using various Object Oriented principles like Single
   Responsibility Principle (SRP), Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY), loose
   coupling, programming to interfaces apart from the standard basic ones like
   Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism.
   - Experienced in writing JUnit Test Cases for Struts, Hibernate, Spring
   and EJB 3.
   - Extensive experience in using architectural patterns and methodologies
   like Model View Controller, Layers, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA),
   Event Driven Architecture, Model Driven Architecture, Domain Driven Design,
   Pipes and Filters, Publish-Subscribe etc.
   - Expertise working on Integration architectures using messaging, SOAP
   web services (both document/literal and RPC based), REST services .
   - Expertise with various modules of the Spring framework like Aspect
   Oriented Programming (AOP), Security, Messaging, Transactions, Spring Data,
   integration modules with Hibernate, JPA and JDBC, Email, Web Services,
   Neo4j, Hadoop and JMX.
   - Expertise in using Java Persistence API 1.x and 2.x entities with
   Hibernate or Eclipselink as the JPA provider.
   - Extensive experience using Core Java design patterns like Singleton,
   Strategy, Observer, Adapter, Decorator, Composite, Proxy, Template, Façade,
   Iterator, Factory and Abstract Factory .
   - Good experience using JEE design patterns like Front Controller,
   Session Façade, Data Access Objects, Data Transfer Objects, View Helper,
   Service Locator, Business Delegate etc..    Expertise in working with
   relational databases and the procedural languages like Oracle, Oracle
   PL/SQL, MS SQL Server, Transact SQL, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and
   Hypersonic SQL
   - Excellent communication, analytical, technical and problem solving
   - Ability to build relationships, establish credibility and build
   rapport with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to
   the organization.

Software Engineers


Long Term

02 Positions (1 candidate heavy on the front and 1 candidate on the back

*Must Have:*

   - Front middle and back development
   - HL7
   - Java
   - Spring
   - Agile
   - Oracle DB exp

*Day to Day : *

   - Client creates customizable healthcare applications for their clients.
   These applications are similar to Microsoft Healthvault or Google PHR.
   - Their customer’s internal employees register for the Dossia Health
   Manager – a platform for personal health information.
   - All of their health information (allergies, pain, list of problems to
   bring up to a doctor, recent vaccinations) and claims can be stored in the
   20 apps.
   - One app is “Health care Blue Books” where you can find prices and
   doctors for certain concerns like “reconstructive surgery for my knee.”
   - Each platform has a customizable layout, so the developers will just
   be modifying existing code.
   - There is roll out on Jan 1st for enhancements.

Let me now if you need any other information on this.

Appreciate your kind response in this regards.

Thanks & Regards,

Ashok Kumar

Siyaton Global Solutions, Inc.

1590 S. Milwaukee Ave | STE # 317 | Libertyville, IL 60048

Desk: 657 214 0217 | Fax: 703 738 7887

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