*hope You are doing good.*

*Please send resumes to mohan.genuineit...@gmail.com
<mo...@genuineitllc.com>     *

*Job Title; Principal Solutions Architect*

*Location: Southlake, Texas*

*Duration: 18 months*

*Pay Rate: $75/hr, but I have some flexibility if we don’t see a good
return of candidates here. *

*No Travel required*

*Interview process: Two phone screens, possibly just one.*

*Role description:*  The goal is to create a set of reusable tools that
automate tasks between multiple applications that currently do not

*The main profile is a Senior Java Web Developer/Architect with the

1. ability to build and enhance tools - java, PYThON, SQL, javascript,
html, css, xml

2. creating UML-design models

3. data modelling

4. proven work with huge amounts of data

5. proven problem solving skills

*Info from the recruiter call:*

- The already have 2 architects in place, one in Poland and one in U.S.,
but they need a third to actually build the web interface that will
automate tasks between the applications.

-The key piece is experience integrating data and making two systems

-Python is required.

-The managers have been very active and will hire quickly.

*Manmohan Thakur**[image: image001]*

Genuineit LLC *Certified Women Owned Business*

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