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*The DNR Division of Forestry is continuing with a multi-year project.
Wisconsin Forest Inventory & Reporting System (WisFIRS) is a system that
enables foresters to store data collected in the field, plan for and track
completed practices (e.g. timber sales), report accomplishments, calculate
the financial aspects of the programs (e.g. millions of dollars collected
and dispersed to towns and counties), and tracking MFL lands open to
hunting and recreation to name a few. This application manages core
business functions for public and private forest management in Wisconsin,
serving hundreds of DNR staff as well as our partners (county forests and
cooperating (consulting) foresters). Due to the importance of knowing where
on the landscape practices are being done, geographical information systems
(GIS) is being integrated throughout the system. WisFIRS was developed to
encompass the business functions of 3 legacy applications, which were
running on old technology. The WisFIRS project was taking the time to not
only re-write existing applications into new, current technology (e.g.
ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET>, Oracle, ArcGIS Server and MS SQL Reporting
Services), but also re-design workflows to gain efficiencies in the field,
allow for easier reporting, and increase access to the data. The legacy
systems have been incorporated into new web-based/accessible systems, but
we now have additional requirements that we are working on to gain
efficiencies and modernize our existing workflows. Work is progressing
toward the next phases of the overall project which include the following:
1. Implementation of electronic cutting notice and report forms for timber
sales on private Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law lands. 2.
Implementation of all of the financial processes needed to support public
timber sales and county forest law. 3. Redesign of Private Lands financial
components 4. Enforcement tracking 5. Implementation of field data
collection and transfer 6. Accomplishment reporting 7. Private Lands GIS
integration We are looking for individuals to work as ASP.NET
<http://ASP.NET> developers on a project with the following structure: - 1
Project Manager - 1 Business Analyst - 2 ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET>
developers - ½ - 1 Technical Project Lead - 1 Oracle developer The
responsibilities associated with this position, including but not limited
to: - Work as an ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET> developer (Visual Studio 2010,
VB.NET <http://VB.NET>, Oracle) for the WisFIRS project team - Perform
various coding and programming tasks, such as design or development of Web
front-end, back-end Web-based applications, and Web/Internet services. -
Apply knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, and symbolic
logic and apply them to business specifications. This may include creating
new functionality or modifying existing code to meet business requirements.
- Work with the technical lead to resolve issues regarding business
specifications, data input/validation, and data output. - Must be creative
with design options to meet business specifications. This may include
utilizing 3rd party controls to enhance usability and appearance of the
application. - Create and modify reports using MS SQL Reporting Services,
ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET>, and Oracle (triggers, stored procedures,
functions, packages). - Must demonstrate the ability to work individually
as well as in a team environment. This includes communication with other IT
staff as well as the business area. - Must be able to manage and prioritize
multiple tasks. - Serve as a developer on a large WisFIRS project team to
develop a web application written in ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET> 2010 using
Visual Basic.NET 2010 on an enterprise Oracle database. - Analyze
specifications, applying knowledge of computer capabilities, subject
matter, and symbolic logic. - A brief Design Document will be provided,
convert data from project specifications and statements of problems and
procedures to create or modify program: from business analyst
specifications to describe sequence of steps that program must follow and
input, output, and logical operations involved. - Confer with technical
lead to resolve questions of program intent, data input, output
requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls. The work under
this contract is part of a large, comprehensive division-wide project. We
are requesting candidates with web-based .NET development and database
expertise to join an existing development team. Key products must function
as designed, including but not limited to: **§*
* System Notifications **§*
* Open/closed acreage change requests **§*
* Certification/decertification **§*
* Corrections **§*
* Transfers **§*
* Withdrawals **§*
* Expiration/termination **§*
* Rescinding orders **§*
* CPW Compliance **§*
* Duplicate landowner identification/resolution **§*
* Private and Public financials and timber harvests **§*
* Electronic Cutting Notices **§*
* Private lands GIS integration **§*
* Cost share programs **§*
* Enforcement tracking **§*
* Field data collection **§*
* Accomplishment reporting **§*
* County forest law **§*
* Public stumpage **§*

* Timber sales reporting The potential exists for technical assistance on
other Forestry applications that are being developed in ASP.NET
<http://ASP.NET> 4.0 using Visual Basic.NET 2010 and Microsoft SSRS. *


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