Send your resumes at

*​Java developer*

*Raleigh NC *

*1.5-2 years*

*Client: ​Credit Suisse​*


MUST have actual FIX Protocol experience.    Just reading up on the
subject, the person will not pass the technical screen.

They have to have this experience:

*Basics of FIX Protocol and FIX Engine*

FIX is Industry standard protocol for electronic trading , with evolution
with computer technology Trading also getting Electronic and now most of
the exchanges in the world are fully electronic and concept of trading
floor is taken over by computers. In this FIX Protocol tutorial we will see
about basics of protocol itself and basics of FIX Engines.

FIX protocol is a tag value protocol where every field has a unique tag
name and signify something e.g. Price (tag 44) denotes the price of a
particular shares , OrderQty denotes quantity of order.
FIX protocol specify different types of messages for different trading
purposes e.g. for Sending an Order to exchange they used NewOrderSingle
message (MsgType=35) or for Sending a Cancel to exchange they used
CancelOrder message


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