*Only for your direct end clients. *

Full Name: Sreenu Bhukya

Contact number: 703 349 2309

*Email ID: javasreenubhu...@gmail.com <javasreenubhu...@gmail.com> *

Current location: Tampa, FL

Relocation: Yes

Availability: 2 weeks

*Professional Summary:*

·         Having 10 years of IT work experience in Object Oriented Design,
Modeling, Programming and testing of web based    multi-tier applications
in Java, J2EE and Relational Databases.

·         Proficiency in developing secure web applications and server side
development using JSP, Servlets, EJBs, XML, Web Services (SOAP & REST),
JDBC, Struts, Spring, AJAX,  Java Beans, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS,
jQuery, Oracle, PL/SQL and various Design Patterns.

·         Expertise in developing the distributed applications using EJB
2.0 specification, Web Services and J2EE Application Servers such as IBM
Web Sphere, BEA Web logic.

·         Experience with Oracle, PL/SQL involving stored procedures,
triggers, functions, indexes, and packages.

·         Designed and developed Rich Internet Applications using Core
Java, JDBC, Java Servlet, JSP, Struts, Hibernate,  Adobe Flex, Flex
ActionScript, XML, AJAX, Java Mail API and web based development tools.

·         Extensive experience in Object Oriented Design implementation and
Programming principles.

·         Expertise in Project Process Flow Management and thorough
knowledge of software development life cycle (*SDLC)*.

·         Extensive working experience in *Core Java*

·         Extensive work experience in multitier architectures and
Middleware services likeStruts1.2, Spring MVC.

·         Experience in application build scripts like Ant and Apache Maven

·         Working experience in Databases like Oracle 9i  and 10g

·         Worked in Development Environments RAD, Eclipse.

·         Knowledge in Hibernate ORM.

·         Working knowledge on XML Technologies JAXP (DOM and SAX parsers).

·         Experience in SOAP Web services using Apache Axis Soap Engine.
Mostly on Web services client and beginner on Web services Server Side

·         Experience in *IBM MQ series* for transaction of Orders via xml.

·         Strong knowledge of Design including *J2EE Design Patterns*
Singleton, MVC, DAO, Proxy, Adapter, Service Locator etc.

·         Hands on the tools such as *Eclipse, Notepad++, Toad, Xml SPY,
Linux VI editor, etc.*

·         Worked extensively on various flavors of *UNIX* operating system
like *Linux*, *Solaris*.

·         Experienced in writing ANT scripts to build and deploy Java

·         Hands on experience in project management tools like *Clear case
and PVCS, Subversion, Win-CVS.*

·         Programming experience in *UNIX Shell Script*.

·         Experience in developing and implementing various *Client/Server,
Web and Enterprise Applications. *

·         Work Experience with tools like *WSAD, RAD (Rational Application
Developer) and frameworks like spring, Struts.*

·         Strong Programming Skills in *Core Java and J2EE Technologies*.

·         *Troubleshooting production issues* and gave post production
support for couple of projects.

·         Extensive work experience in Application servers like *Tomcat,
IBM Web sphere*.

·         Extensive experience in *J2EE design* Patterns like Data Access
Objects, Business Delegate, MVC etc.

·         Worked in database development like *Procedures, Functions using

·         Experienced in *UNIX* and DOS shell scripts

·         Experienced in *Deployment and Release Management.*

·         *Experienced in Banking Financial Services and Communication
Domains.             *

·         Expertise in working with frame works spring, struts and *J2EE
technologies JMS, MDB and EJB.*

·         Exclusively worked on *Web-sphere Application Server7 JMS API
(Default JMS Provider), WebSphere Cache, Web-sphere JMS-MQ Setup,* Tivoli
Performance viewer, Application Deployments.

·         Configuring *JCA Authentications,  JDBC Data Source

·         JMS (Creation of  Connection Factories, Queues, Topics, Service
Integration Buses, Messaging Engines, Destinations, Activation
Specifications, *MDB setups, High Availability configurations, Failover,
Fallback settings, Performance Tuning of JMS, Monitoring* the Message Queue
points and publication points, message store, Security)

·         Foreign JMS Configurations(Cluster to Cluster)

·         Object Cache (Creation of Object *Cache,Servlet Cache* and
Replication settings across cluster).

·         Configuration of managed threads through Work Manager.

*Technical Skills:*

*Languages:                                    *Java 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6, SQL.

*Enterprise Java:                           *JSP/Servlets, EJB, JNDI, JDBC
2.0/3.0, JTA, Log4J API, Java Mail, J2EE Design patterns, JMS

*Java Standard Edition:              *Serialization, JNI, Java Security,
Socket Programming, Threading and concurrent programming, File

                                                          processing, And

*Scripting Language:                    *HTML, HTML5, DHTML (CSS), XML,
XSLT, Shell Scripting, JavaScript, Angular JS and JSON.

*XML Technologies:                     *XSL/XSLT, SAX/DOM, XPath, SOAP,
WSDL, DTD, Schema

*Tools & Framework:                  *Struts 2.0/1.3/1.2.8, Spring
2.0/1.2.9, 2.5, 3.0 x, Spring MVC, Restful Web Services, Log4J, Apache

                                                          Common Library,
Junit, Ant, Maven, Hibernate, JPA.

*Application/Web Servers:          *Web Logic 11g, Apache, Tomcat 5.4/4.x,
JBOSS 4.3/3.2,Websphere 6/7

*Web Services:                                *SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, XML,

*CASE Tools:                                  *Star UML, MS Visio

*DBMS / RDBMS:                          *Oracle 10g/9i/8i, 6, MySQL server,

*Testing Tools:                               *JUNIT

*Source Control Systems:            *SVN (Subversion), CVS

*Defect/Bug Tracking:                 *Quality Center, Service Now

*IDE & Reporting Tools:             *Eclipse 2.x, 3.x, Netbeans 7.1.2

*O/S & Environment:                   *Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT, LINUX,

*Other Skills:                                   *Requirements engineering,
Performance Tuning. UML, Design patterns, code reviews, test planning,

                                                          RPM preparation
and installation

*Professional Experience:*

*Client: Citi Bank, Florida, USA
                                                           May 2014 to

*Project: SFT-CCAR*

*Role: Java Technical Lead*

*Description: *The current process for generating the FRY 14A SFT data for
stress testing relies in part on a manually generated file from Optima.
This file is submitted to SFT CCAR which then matches that data to the Citi
Risk Credit data. The population which is in Optima but not in Citi Risk
Credit is manually stressed by Risk Analytics. Additionally for SFTs, the
Fed can request data for a non-month end date. While Optima do capture the
fin/risk matched data on a daily basis, it is not processed end to end. In
order to provide the correct SFT population to Citi Risk Credit, the Optima
monthly processing must be run for the requested daily data. The objective
of this project is to rely on Optima sourced data for the SFT CCAR stress
testing process.

*Roles and Responsibilities:*

·         Responsible for Analysis and Design after gathering requirement
from Line of Business.

·         Prepare Unit and *Integration Test Plans*

·         Coding and Code reviews

·         Developed the Scenario-translator module.

·         Knowledge *Management Activities / Configuration* Control

·         Participate in issue resolution activities

·         Documentation and Reporting

·         Impact Analysis and Estimation of Efforts

·         Developing business and data web services.

·         Writing the shell scripts for build, deployment and spring batch

·         Developed web views with *HTML, Angular JS, JavaScript, JSP and
Tag Libraries*.

·         Rewriting the data into Coherence from Portal instead of J2EE

·         Involved indesigning user screens and validations using*HTML,
JSON*as per user requirements.

·         Running the *End-to-End batch for CCAR.*

·         Creating multiple desktops with combination of J2EE and Portal
apps as per user types.

·         Involved in Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing
and User Acceptance testing.

·         Responsible for deployment and support the server team for

·         Issue investigation, if any jobs got failed.

*Environment: *Java, HTML5, CSS, JSP, JSON, JavaScript, Angular JS, Web
services(Restful),WebSphere, Eclipse, Hibernate, Spring MVC,  Spring Batch,
Maven, CVS, JUnit, Oracle, Unix.

*Client: Citi Bank, Florida,
                                           June2013– Apr 2014*

*Project: OASIS*

*Role: Java Technical Lead*

*Description: *Maintenance driven and highly configurable solution,
providing the feature of ‘concentration capping for multiple securities’ to
achieve better risk management via a non-skewed MSBF pool at client level.
The objectives are to be able to cap the concentration limits for all the
securities in a pool. E-Oasis/Margin Dashboard to have the feature to run
the concentration capping logic.LV$ Concentration capping for multiple
securities in the same portfolio- marking, will be achieved in stages as
per the Business Requirement. In the first stage, only concentration
capping for multiple securities is introduced. ‘Cash’ is just included into
the denominator but however cash is not subjected to concentration
calculations. In the next stage, along with the concentration capping for
multiple securities, ‘Cash’ is not included into the denominator and Cash
continues to be outside the concentration calculations

*Roles and Responsibilities:*

·         Understanding the Business Requirements and study.

·         Application System Design.

·         Project Estimation, Planning, Monitoring and Task tracking status

·         Application deployment and testing in DEV, QA, UAT and Production

·         Data analyze and application deployments.

·         Coordinating the work of different teams.

·         Support activities, including defect fixing and enhancements.

·         Handling customer issues.

·         Design, implementation and code review.

·         Module lead with team of 5 members.

·         Business Requirement Implementation.

·         Preparation and Review of Design Documents.

·         Development of Module using *Core Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Struts &

·         Used Eclipse for writing code for *Java, Servlets, JSP,
Hibernate, Struts, and JavaScript*.

·         Used Subversion as the version Control System.

·         Optimizing the existing code for performance both Java and SQL.

·         Code Review.

·         Preparation of Unit Test Cases.

·         Coordination and Build Activities.

·         Component testing, Unit testing, & Performance Testing.

*Environment: *Java1.5, Oracle, Struts, JSP, JQuery, Hibernate, SQL, &
Shell script, Windows-Development Env, Linux (Production), WebLogic 10.3.4,
Spring MVC

*Client: Citi Bank,
USA                                                      Apr 2011- May 2013*

*Project: Citi Watch            *

*Role: Project Lead*

*Description*: CITI bank Relationship manager (RM) to view the all the
client’s booked FX orders and perform his Actions on orders such as Accept,
Execute, and Reject etc.   Citi Watch is aimed at providing FX order
matching function along with FX Order watching & execution screens (to be
used by APCB / Local Treasury teams). Treasury users will have more usable
& flexible interface for watching & Execution, Citi Watch intends to
provide uniform & rich user interface across countries, business segments &
user groups.

*Roles and Responsibilities:*

·         Project lead with team of 8 members.

·         Business Requirement Implementation.

·         Preparation and Review of Design Documents.

·         Development of Module using *Core Java, Spring, IBaties, PL/SQL,
Adobe Flex*.

·         Used Eclipse for writing code for Java, IBaties, and spring.

·         Used Subversion as the version Control System.

·         Optimizing the existing code for performance both Java and SQL.

·         Code Review.

·         Preparation of Unit Test Cases.

·         Coordination and Build Activities.

·         Component testing, Unit testing, & Performance Testing.

·         Creating Problem Ticket, Work Order, & Change Requests for
Deployment and quick fixes on Production environment.

·         Creating scripts to deploy the batch processes on UNIX servers.

·         Scheduling the jobs on UNIX servers.

·         Pre-Production and Post-Production activities.

·         Creating the jobs in Autosys/CA for Daily/Weekly schedules.

*Environment: *Core JAVA, Multi-threading, HTML, DHTML (CSS), Spring2.5,
Adobe flex3.0, Ibatis2.5, Web services, Messaging, Websphere7.x and
application Servers, SQL, UNIX shell scripts.

*Client: Citi Bank, USA           Apr 2009– Mar 2011*

*Project: QForex*

*Role: Senior Software Developer*

*Description: *Qforex is designed for the purpose of Foreign Exchange
Conversion and Time Deposit Booking. Here the Citi bank users can book live
FX quotes, book FX conversion transaction, Enquire Foreign Currency Time
Deposit rates and book transactions, Redeem Foreign Currency Time Deposit
transaction, Enquiry of outstanding and matured Foreign Currency Time
Deposit transactions in client’s portfolio.

*Roles and Responsibilities:*

·         Conducted various technical sessions with in team for
awareness/knowledge on different technologies used in the project.

·         Written Maven Build deployment and creating the maven build

·         Handling the customer issues

·         Business Requirement Implementation.

·         Design document preparation

·         Development of Module using *Core Java, Spring, IBaties , PL/SQL,
Adobe Flex*.

·         Used Eclipse for writing code for Java, IBaties, and spring.

·         Used Subversion as the version Control System.

·         Optimizing the existing code for performance both Java and SQL.

·         Code Review.

·         Preparation of Unit Test Cases.

·         Coordination and Build Activities.

·         Component testing, Unit testing, & Performance Testing.

·         Working independently to provide support to the field issues.

*Environment: *Spring2.5, Adobe flex3.0, Ibatis2.5, EJBs2.5, Web services,
Messaging, Websphere7.x and Weblogic8.x application Servers, SQL.

*Client: Superior Court Of California County of Alameda  Dec 2004–Mar2009*

*Project: Juvenile Court Management System*

*Role: Developer*

*Description: *JCMS is an integrated case-management and decision-support
system for the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda. All
juvenile cases types are processed in JCMS – Delinquency, Truancy, and
Dependency. The system is designed to follow the legal process; to support
and standardize court procedure; to automate and streamline work flow; to
maintain an electronic case record; and to collect and report statistics
that the court needs for management and that the Administrative Office of
the Courts requires for its state-wide overview.

*Roles and Responsibilities:*

·         Provide the technical support for the team.

·         Understanding new technologies and providing the knowledge
transfer to the team members

·         Providing tools to team which will make them work

·         Designing and development of new enhancements and change requests.

·         Understanding the application functionality and fixing bugs in
modules developed by other members

·         Co-coordinating the onsite activities for the release 10.1.0

·         Business Requirement Implementation.

·         Design document preparation

·         Development of Module using *Core Java, Swing, EJB2.0 and SQL*.

·         Used Eclipse for writing code for Java, Swing, and EJB.

·         Used Subversion as the version Control System.

·         Preparation of Unit Test Cases.

·         Unit testing. Part of the defect prevention team to introduce new
processes to reduce the defect count and improve the product quality.

*Environment:* Core Java, Swings, Annotations, Ant, JAVA/J2EE (EJB),
Eclipse, Windows, JBoss, Sybase

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