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*Please find the Urgent Requirement. Kindly share the matching profiles
with me.*

*Job Title         : * *IAM/**IDM Solutions Architect*

*Position          : 1*

*Location         : Rosemont, IL*

*Duration        : 6 Months*

*Interview       **: Face to Face*

*Note           : Need Local Consultant Only. *


*This is for Burwood Group (consulting firm) for their client, Reyes
Holdings. I have a consultant on project there now and he needs help with*

*IAM / IDM practices… solution recommendations, design, policy, etc.. It’s
an Active Directory environment.*

*Experience with solutions architecture in regards to IDM / IAM solutions
(Identity Management / Identity Access Management) and Active*

*Directory design is mandatory. H1B visa candidates are okay, but great
communication skills is mandatory. *

*Project Scope:*  In the interest of isolating access rights to avoid data
exposure (see ransomware) and to prevent undue data/document access, an
Identity Access Management infrastructure and policy needs to be developed
and implemented.

*Architectural review:*

·          AD design Review

·          IDM Solution review and recommendations

·          IDM Design

·          IDM Policy and solution implementation

*This includes:*

·         Review and update the term and creation process to stop the

o    If there no security group, create one and the appropriate permissions
– need a naming standard and policy limitations around the permissions

o    Don’t add a user to a role, add a group, if the group doesn’t exist,
create one – need guidelines around this.

·         Removing domain admin access from ALL service accounts

·         Restricting domain admin access to fewer than 10 individuals

·         Mandating that all administrative login and actions are initiated
and executed with a personal (non-anonymous) account

o    Communicate to all affected admins

·         Mandating that all new access CANNOT be cloned

o    Change IT request form

o    Communicate to ITSC

·         Reviewing existing access and permissions

o    All access should be centralized (some access is defined on the

·         Develop roles/group membership based on that access

·         Interview all department heads to confirm roles

·         Test access with select individuals for each of the roles

·         Roll out to the rest of the company

·         Remediate issues - modify roles as appropriate

·         Provide exceptions - where needed

·         Lock down the roles

·         Establish EPMO framework mandating that all new apps need to be
integrated with AD/LDAP with permissions defined in AD

*Create policies, process and procedures around:*

·         Maintaining the roles

·         Maintaining the access control framework

·         When and how to modify the roles

·         Access exception policy and procedure

·         Create a new standard and corresponding policies for MACD user

o    Establish a codified process for ITSC and HR around MACD

o    Instruct the ITSC on the new policy

·         Prohibiting Cloning.


*Sr.Technical Recruiter*


*Work*    : (734) 661-7969 <%28734%29%20661-7969>

*Fax*       : (302) 397-2097
*Email *   :
*ja...@tektreeinc.com <sh...@tektreeinc.com> **Website*: www.tektreeinc.com

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