*Role: BIOS Engineer Years of experience: 4-7 years Location: Chandler, AZ
Duration: 12 Months+ **Mandatory Technical Skills:*

*Embedded engineers w/ deep understanding of UEFI BIOS.*

*Knowledge of CherryTrail & Braswell a +*

* Experience Required:*

·         The candidate should understand firmware in embedded environments.

·         The candidate should have experience developing embedded and/or
real time firmware. This is considerably different from application and web
development in that the emphasis is on resilience, small footprint and

·         The candidate should be able to broadly compare two
implementations regarding the number of potential failure paths.

·         Given a description of two implementations, the candidate should
be able to explain which will consume less memory, both static and dynamic.
Ideally, the candidate should also be able to suggest improvements.

·         The candidate should be able to handle both exception-based and
error code-based recovery mechanisms.

·         The candidate should be comfortable writing code that does not
utilize standard libraries or OS calls (low-level code).

·         The candidate should be extremely familiar with direct memory
access constructs and methods, particularly pointer manipulation and mixing
data access types and widths.

·         The candidate should understand the repercussions of different
types of data and instruction caches (i.e. cache line cleans, flushes,

·         The candidate should understand threading at a low level, both
cooperative and preemptive.

·         The candidate should understand how synchronization objects are
implemented (e.g. critical sections, mutexes, semaphores).

·         The candidate should understand priority inversion, I/O polling,
and interrupts, as well as the related ramifications.

·         The candidate should have experience fitting code images into a
fixed RO part (e.g. 1Mbit EEPROM)

·         The candidate should have a working understanding of how binary
images are generated (how compilers, linkers and make tools work in

·         II.     The candidate should be comfortable using and developing
for embedded Linux environments.

·         III.   The candidate should be comfortable with the C programming
language, and know how to use it in an object-oriented manner, whether or
not C++ is used.

·         IV.   The candidate should be familiar with the workings of both
x86 and ARM processors, including a minimal understanding of assembly
language and use of symbolic debuggers (e.g. gdb, lldb).

·         V.    The candidate should be familiar with the use of hardware
debug aids (e.g. JTAG, ITP).

·         VI.   The candidate should be comfortable using hardware probes
and/or oscilloscopes.

·         VII. The candidate should be able to "root cause" an issue,
beyond debugging a problem, even when certain components are known to not
function correctly or to exhibit flaws.

·         VIII.  The candidate should be minimally familiar with the Linux
and Windows driver models.

·         IX.   The candidate should understand Ethernet at a low level.
Thanks & Regards

*Rathna KumarCharter Global | Technology ConsultingPh: 770-326-9933  x
336 rvoothuko...@charterglobal.com
<rg...@charterglobal.com> I www.charterglobal.com

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