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Pleasure mailing you. We have an immediate requirement with one of our
Global Implementation partner. Below is the details Job description, Please
go through the JD.

If you have any suitable consultants matching with the requirement, Please
send me the updated resume along with contact details, work authorization
status, availability, expected hourly rate.

Early response is really appreciated.

*Job Title:* *Mobile Web App Developer*

*Location:* *O Fallon - Missouri*

*Duration: 6+ months*

Required Skill(s)            Mobile UI Development (L3) , Java-J2EE (L3) ,
J2ME (L3) , .NET (L3) , VC++ (L3) , E-Mobility (L2) , Apple Swift (L2) ,
BREW - Binary Runtime environment for Wireless (L3)

Essential Skill(s)            Mobile Web App development (L3)

Additional Skill(s)          Banking - Mobile and Digital Channels (L1) ,
Core Java (L1)

*Job Description:*

*Java-J2EE (L3)*

Should be able to design, develop, debug programsindependently and mentor

Good understanding of Java EE 5 platform,Annotations, JPA, Dependency
injection, EJB 3.0, Web services, JSF 1.2, JSP2.1, Servlet 2.5, JSTL 1.2
and the simpler packaging rules.

Aware of JMX, JTA.Usage of right Design Patterns, proper user, session
managements, should alsobe conversent with developing application with
various presentation andpersistence models, Performance optimizations,

Should be able todesign using J2EE technologies.

Skill3 - *J2ME (L3)*

Should be able to design, develop, debug programsindependently and mentor
others in a J2ME project.

Should have knowledge in thefollowing areas

1) technologies/protocols like SMS/WAP/GSM Call


3) LBS/PIM/SyncML.

4) SIP, RTP, RTCP. Experience on SQLwith JDBC and APIs. Experience to
organize and set up the GUI generation.

Experience on event handling and able to debug/review the code developed
byjunior level resources.

Experience on development, support, maintenance andimplementation of
complex components of a project module.

Exposure on N-tier e-Business applications using J2ME, J2EE, HTML,
JavaScript and Oracle.

Exposureon application servers and web servers like Apache, Web Logic,

Exposure on applications across several mobile devices and carriers
Exposure onkey events, commands, resource files, image types.

Skill4 - *.NET (L3)*

Should be aware of the following Concepts in C - Designing medium
complexityapplications, Server/mid-tier applications - Understand concepts
and bestpractices in designing for Performance; Application tuning and
performance -Remoting Overview, NET Remoting , Architecture, Making Objects
Remotable,Object Activation and Lifetimes, Channels, Configuration,
Versioning, Security,Asynchronous Remoting, CallContexts and Direct
Remoting, .NET RemotingArchitectural Assessment - Threading and Object
Synchronization - ObjectPooling concepts, DB Pooling - Asynchronous
programming - Interoperability;importing COM components; Managed Code v/s
Unmanaged Code; Marshalling concepts- Exporting .NET components -
Reflection - Internationalization advancedconcepts and Deployment - Windows
Service: Design, Create and Deploy Windowsservice - Using Performance
counters - ADO.NET: Working with LOB, CLOB, BLOBdata types - IO Streams:
Network Streams; Bufferred Streams; WebStreams;Channel types, ports - SSL:
Encryption and Decryption Techniques - Assemblies: static references,
dynamic loading and unloading - Requirements for Mediumcomplexity
applications - Ability to Debug Complex issues on
synchronization,threading, ADO.NET issues - Ability to generate and compile
code on the fly,CodeDom

Skill5 - *VC++ (L3)*

Should be working in a VC++ Project. Should be aware of the following
conceptsin VC++ 1. GUI programming Graphics (either or both of MFC/WIN32 of
thefollowing) - GDI, device context classes, GDI drawing and mapping
modes,WM_PAINT message, GDI objects and associated classes like font,
bitmap, brush,pen etc.,

drawing lines curves ellipses polygons other shapes text, scrollbars,
palettes, regions and bitmap etc, Mouse and Keyboard handling

2. GUIprogramming MFC property sheets (Introduction to property sheets,
Creatingproperty sheet dialogs, Developing wizards using property sheets),
Custom GUIcontrols

3. MFC or ATL collection classes (Arrays, Lists, Maps etc.)

4. FileI/O (either or both of MFC/WIN32 of the following) - Creating,
opening andclosing files, Reading and writing files, Enumerating files and

5. MFCSerialization concepts (Writing serializable classes, CArchive class)

6.Multithreaded applications (either or both of MFC/WIN32 of the following)
-Threads and synchronization basics, Threads, processes, and priorities,
workerthread, UI thread, Suspending, resuming and terminating threads,
threadsynchronization CriticalSection, Mutex, Event, Semaphore etc.

 7. Help (Helpfeature from a user's perspective, Components of the help
system, Help supportfrom AppWizard, Implementing help in your application,
Implementing context-sensitive help)

8 .Debug SDI/MDI applications, DLLs, static libraries, multi-threaded

9. Active usage of static and dynamic analyzers

10.Basics on optimization concepts, exception handling

11. Use of build settingsfor optimization

Skill6 - *BREW - Binary Runtime environment for Wireless (L3)*

Enterprise Application Architecture & Solutions Designing ability of
genericUtility & solutions, Development Tools- Provides details of about
various toolslike Design,Static Analyzer,Unit Testing.

Knowledge of NSTL / Verisign Test labprocess

Skill7 - *E-Mobility (L2)*

Skill8 - *Apple Swift (L2)*

*Additional Skill(s)*

*Banking - Mobile and Digital Channels (L1)*

*Core Java (L1)*

Should be aware of the following concepts of Core Java.1) Fundamental
concepts (JVM, Java environment, primitive types, references, pass by
value, packages, imports, JAR concepts, command line arguments, system
properties, assignments, expressions, operators, exception handling2)
Declarations, Initializations and Scoping3) Flow Control - Usage of for
loop, switch, if, while;4) API Contents of String related classes5)
Awareness of Concurrency Concepts6) Object oriented concepts (Class,
Methods, Access specifiers, Inheritance, Abstract classes, Interfaces7)
Awareness of Collection Framework.

Thanks & Regards,


Prosercorp d.b.a Tekskills Inc

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company

Phone:732-640-2152 |Fax: 888-543-5125


200, MetroplexDrive, Suite414, Edison, NJ – 08817


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