*San Francisco, CA*

*12 months*


Networking Technical Lead desired candidate should have

Two (2) years of verifiable and recent experience in MPLS/VPLS design and
implementation using protocols such as MPLS‐ TE, RSVP‐TE, RSVP with DSCP,
BGP, BFD, OSPF or IS‐IS and including Qos support using protocols such as
IntServ/RSVP, DiffServ, and Cisco queuing algorithms, in a complex LAN/WAN

And two (2) years of verifiable and recent experience creating and
maintaining UNIX scripts;

And two (2) years of verifiable and recent Wide Area Network technical
support experience with installation, maintenance, and support of TCP/IP,
Cisco routers and switches, Juniper routers and switches, wide area network
related systems such as Internet, Intranet, Firewalls, DNS, DHCP, VPN and
will be responsible for planning, designing and providing 3rd‐level support
for all SFO LAN/WAN enterprise service provider networks; installing,
configuring and maintaining Juniper and Cisco switches, routers and
security lines of products; troubleshooting network related issues;
configuring and maintaining UNIX/Linux servers in support of the network;
defining customer business requirements as they relate to LAN and WAN
installations; managing ongoing network adds, moves, and changes; and
monitoring network performance and capacity.

Job duties include, but are not limited to the following:

•     Performs Principal‐level JNCIE‐SEC/CCIE Security‐equivalent
responsibilities in an operational support role within the networking group
supporting the SFO networks

24 x 365.

•     Acts as Principal network engineer and architect for the SFO Network
Design & Engineering team, responsible for planning, designing and
providing 3rd‐level support for all LAN and WAN service provider/enterprise
switching and routing networks, including interoperability with SFO SLAN,
customer, City and inter‐agency networks.

•     Provides Principal‐level network engineering works in installation,
maintenance, and support of network transport services, including VLAN
connectivity, internal and Internet IPv4/IPv6 routing, MPLS‐based Metro
Ethernet circuits, and indoor and outdoor 802.11 WLAN networks.

•     Provides Principal‐level systems engineering works in installation,
maintenance, and support of network‐related systems, including UNIX/Linux
servers, IPSec and SSL site/site VPNs, IPSec and SSL client/server VPNs,
appliance‐based firewalls and NTP.

•     Installs, configures and maintains Juniper routers and switches based

•     Installs, configures and maintains Cisco routers and switches based
on IOS XR, IOS XE and classic IOS.

•     Configures, maintains and troubleshoots Layer 3 connectivity
including BGP, IS‐IS, MPLS, VRFs, static routes and DHCP forwarding.
Designs and implements VPLS environments using LDP and BGP signaling.
Manages IPv4 RFC1918 and global address space and subnet assignment, IPv6
global address space and subnet assignment.

•     Configures, maintains and troubleshoots Layer 2 connectivity
including Multiple Spanning Tree and Per‐VLAN Spanning Tree, port‐and
VLAN‐based QoS, VLAN configuration, VLAN trunking, Q‐in‐Q, MAC address
forwarding, port channeling and WAN connections (Metro Ethernet, DSI‐based
Frame Relay and Point‐to‐Point

Protocol). Performs and utilizes protocol captures and decodes using open
source tools such as Wireshark and/or commercial products.

•     Configures, maintains and troubleshoots Solaris UNIX, Oracle Linux
and CentOS Linux systems including user account creation and removal, disk
space management, OS and application upgrades and patches, and host‐based
firewalls and SSH access. Implements scripting and automation, including
configuration management frameworks and scripting languages such as UNIX
shell, Perl, Python and/or Ruby.

•     Installs, configures and maintains security products and services
including Juniper and Cisco Access Control Lists (ACLs), Juniper JUNOS,
Palo Alto Network firewalls, Cisco ASA and PIX firewalls, Cisco ASA
IPSec/SSL VPN concentrators using certificates and two‐factor
authentication, Cascade Shark and Cisco IDS, and Cisco

ACS servers using 802.1x, TACAS+ and RADIUS.

•     Monitors and troubleshoots network configuration, performance and
capacity through the use of commercial tools such as Solar Winds, and open
source tools such as RANCID, nmap, Cacti, Net‐SNMP and Nagios. Implements
and configures SNMP tools and functionality including SNMPv1, SNMPv2c,
SMNPv3, MIBs, OIDs, and SMI and public MIBs as defined in various RFCs.

•     Implements ARIN, ICANN and specific TLD registrar policies and

Interprets and applies IETF RFC policies, processes and procedures, as well
as key

RFCs and BCPs.

•     Prepares LAN network engineering standards, specifications and
procedures documentation. Maintains network documentation on NDE wiki.

•     Defines customer business requirements as they relate to SFO LAN and


•     Manages ongoing SFO LAN network adds, moves, and changes.

•     Schedules and coordinates corrective and routine maintenance on the

network systems with appropriate vendors, customers, and support

•     Develops, negotiates and maintains SFO LAN network service level


•     Trains and demonstrates technologies and systems to IS and non‐IS

•     Plans, develops and implements network backup and disaster recovery
procedures, as well as redundancy and diversity failure mitigation.

•     Performs other duties as assigned.


Recent and verifiable experience as a network architect/designer supporting
a large

enterprise network with in‐depth knowledge and experience of the following:

•     Network capacity planning and expansion

•     Network bandwidth planning and allocation

•     Network performance optimization

•     Network infrastructure planning

•     Network security planning

•     Vendor interoperability (Cisco and Juniper


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