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*Position: IBM Big Fix Admin*
*Location: Springfield,IL*
*Duration: 6+ Months*

*Job Description:*

*Skills and Tools experience required:*


   Experience with IBM Big Fix with sufficient comfort to train junior
   level staff on the process of patching.

   Experience *configuring IBM Big* Fix with use in a multi AD domain

   Patching experience with Microsoft Windows servers.

   Patching Experience with Microsoft Windows desktops.

   Advanced workstation image development/deployment in an enterprise
   environment. Testing, deployment and integration through an Enterprise
   distribution system such as IBM Bigfix.  Understanding of Hardware
   independent imaging, WAIK, driver injection, and sysprep.


   Advanced skills with an emphasis on *software distribution IBM Big fix*.
   Other important skills would include designing Queries, Delivery Methods,
   Distribution Packages, Scheduled Tasks, Column Sets, Power Management,
   Agent Configuration, Agent Deployment, Unmanaged Devices, Custom Data
   Forms, Reporting and Software License Monitoring.


   Advanced Group Policy skillset which would include OU design impact on
   Group Policy, deployment, testing, inheritance, enforced setting, Security
   Filtering, Loopback processing modes, Computer versus User policies and
   general familiarity of available policies, Computer Scripts (startup,
   shutdown), User Scripts (Logon, Logoff), Software Restriction Policies,
   Designing and Importing custom ADM templates, Policies versus Preferences,
   Management of security, windows services, user accounts and groups.


   Active Directory knowledge.  Extremely knowledgeable on Domain
   Controller concepts and principles, which would include, Forests, Trees,
   Domains, FSMO roles, replication, trust relationships, organizational
   units, Global Catalog, ADSI,  Delegation, management, high availability,
   advanced troubleshooting, and infrastructure design.


   Advanced scripting skillset in *Batch and VBScript* to facilitate the
   distribution of software.

*Desired Scope of the Engagement:*


   Initial Focus will be on Server based patching.

   A review of the existing process will be completed and recommendations
   for improvements will be made.

   Evaluate current state of patching and make recommendations on how to
   reach compliance of the environment with the current standards.

   Work with and train a junior level Windows admin to be able to patch the
   systems effectively and consistently.

   Evaluate the current windows for patching along with the break out of
   systems to ensure we are effectively patching all systems, allocating
   proper time to patch all systems and managing their reboots appropriately
   to minimize disruption caused by dependencies being unavailable after a
   reboot process.  Recommendations will be made for modifications as
   necessary.  If approved the recommendations will be implemented in
   accordance with Client's standard change management process.

   Evaluate the configuration of both Server and Workstation patching to
   ensure they are appropriate for the unique challenges of each environment
   as well as configured to meet the patching standards.  Recommendations will
   be made for modifications as necessary.  If approved the recommendations
   will be implemented in accordance with Client's standard change management

   Develop and document appropriate baseline reports that will be used to
   determine compliance with patching standards and used to identify
   anomalies/failures in the patching for remediation.

   Develop and document the process to be used to follow up on any failed
   patches and correcting the systems with patching deficiencies.

   Make recommendations for improvements to our patching standards to be
   reasonable as well as provide a high level of protection against
   vulnerabilities posed by unpatched systems.

   Make recommendations for use of Big Fix to address 3rd party
patching (*Adobe,
   Java *and others where reasonable)

   Complete any necessary approved work to update/improve the Big Fix
   configuration for patching improvements.

   Participate and prove out procedures for 2-4 patching windows.  This
   will require weekend work on a Sunday morning, but workdays for the
   impacted weeks would be adjusted.

   Estimated work length for this engagement is 6-8 weeks.

*Suraj Kumar*
l*l IT-SCIENT - Talent Management Group ll*
l*l Phone*: *510 -972-5265* ll *Fax*: *877.701.4872* ll
ll *Email*: surajkumar.itsci...@gmail.com ll *Web*: www.itscient.com ll

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