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Details* ASAP *****

*Job Title:        *              *Sr. Systems Administrator*

*Location:*                      Atlanta, GA

*Duration:*                      6+ Months

*Interview Type: *           Phone+ Skype

*Primary Skills:             Apache HBase, Apache Cassandra, Apache
Hadoop,* *Amazon
EC2, S3, Global Load-balancing, Object-Storage (OpenStack Swift, GlusterFS)*

*Job Description:*

v  The candidate for Senior Systems Administrator will be expected to have
a broad knowledge of server applications running in a distributed Linux

v  The Senior Systems Administrator will support installation,
configuration, tuning, load testing, product evaluation and deployment of
server applications in our labs and our production environments.

v  The Senior Systems Administrator will be expected to rapidly become
familiar with new third party applications.

v  The Senior Systems Administrator will install and configure software
packages on servers in support of the development, testing and delivery

v  The Senior Systems Administrator will deploy custom-built software
packages to environments such as QA, Integration and Production.

v  Extensive troubleshooting experience is required.  The SSA will be part
of the Tier 4 support team for the product.

v  Knowledge of the following is a must: Apache Web Server, Linux OS, J2EE
Platforms such as Weblogic, JBOSS, Tomcat or WebSphere.

v  Familiarity with Oracle and building Open Source applications (such as
Apache) will be required.

v  The following are a plus:  Familiarity with NoSQL databases, Virtual
Machines (such as VMWare or KVM), cloud services, Agile development.

v  Also RabbitMQ, Riak and knowledge of automation and monitoring software
such as Chef or Puppet and Nagios.

v  Knowledge and experience installing, deploying OpenStack, Eucalyptus or
other open source cloud computing platforms.

v  *Experience with installing, deploying Object-Storage platforms
(OpenStack Swift, GlusterFS). *

v  *Experience with Amazon EC2, S3, Global Load-balancing. *

v  Knowledge of network related aspects; such as VPN, VLAN, NATing, IP
Addressing, Bridge networking, load-balancing, routing and securing
perimeter with IP Firewall/Masquerading.

v  Knowledge and experience deploying with storage related technologies;
SAN, NAS, File System.

v  Working experience with Chef, Puppet and/or other system automation

v  Knowledge of dynamic languages used for system programming, Ruby,

v  Ability to research, prototype rapidly, test, verify new Cloud platforms
and how it relates to application enablers.

v  Understanding of security technologies, RSA encryption, SSH Keypair,

v  Experience installing and deploying java based application or web
servers; Tomcat, Weblogic, JBoss.

v  Experience with installing/deploying monitoring tools, such as Nagios,

v  Experience installing, deploying with Linux OS’s (preferably Ubuntu,
CentOS and Redhat)

v  Experience working with software based load-balancing and web server
technologies, such as Nginx, HaProxy, Apache.

v  *Past experience as sysadmin required.*

v  *Experience using Apache HBase*

v  *Experience using Apache Cassandra*

v  *Experience using Apache Hadoop*

v  General – HBase/Cassandra Architecture, Installing on Cloud Providers,
Upgrading, Configuring Replication, Installing RHEL/ Linux Tarball Package

v  Administrator - Security Management, Monitoring and Tuning, Deploying
Data Centers, Configuring Hadoop/Casandra, Configuring, Migrating from
other Databases, Backing Up and Restoring Data, Data Partitioning,
Replication, Planning a Cassandra Cluster Deployment, Initializing,
Managing a Cassandra Cluster, Configuration

v  Developer - Data Modeling, Managing Data, Querying Cassandra.

v  Hbase/Cassandra Configuration - Standalone and Distributed, Big Cluster
Configurations, , HDFS Configurations, Configuration for large memory
machines, Compression, Bigger Regions, Managed Splitting, Managed
Compactions, Speculative Execution, Balancer,

v  Upgradation - Upgrades, Migration, Replication, Distributed splitting,
Memory accounting

v  Data Models - Conceptual View, Physical View, Data Model Operations,
Sort Order, Column Metadata, Joins, ACID

v  Hbase/Casandara and Schema Design - Schema Creation/ Updates, Rowkey
Design, Timeseries Data, ColumnFamilies, Region Splits, Supported Datatypes
and Counters, Secondary Indexes and Alternate Query Paths, Filter Query,
Periodic-Update Secondary Index, Dual-Write Secondary Index, Summary
Tables, Coprocessor Secondary Index, Constraints, Operational and
Performance Configuration Options

v  Hbase/Cassandra and MapReduce - Map-Task Spitting, MapReduce Splitter,
Custom Splitters

v  Architecture - Catalog Tables, Client, Client Request Filters, Master,
RegionServer, Regions, Bulk Loading, HDFS

v  Performance Tuning - Java/ GC, Hbase/Cassandra Configurations, Schema
Design, Hbase/Cassandra General Patterns, HDFS

v  Troubleshooting/ Debugging Hbase/Cassandra - Logs, Tools, MapReduce,
NameNode, version issues

v  Operational Management - Hbase/Cassandra  Tools and Utilities, Region
Management, Node Management, Metrics, Monitoring, Cluster Replication,
Backup, Capacity Planning

Thanks & Regards

*Martin Zeller*

Agile Enterprise Solutions, Inc

Ph: 630-315-9544


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