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*Hadoop Administrator*

*Atlanta, GA*

*Rate: $60/Hr on C2C*

*Scanned copy of work authorization & Passport number are must during

The candidate for Senior Systems Administrator will be expected to have a
broad knowledge of server applications running in a distributed Linux
environment.  The Senior Systems Administrator will support installation,
configuration, tuning, load testing, product evaluation and deployment of
server applications in our labs and our production environments.  The
Senior Systems Administrator will be expected to rapidly become familiar
with new third party applications.  The Senior Systems Administrator will
install and configure software packages on servers in support of the
development, testing and delivery teams.  The Senior Systems Administrator
will deploy custom-built software packages to environments such as QA,
Integration and Production.

·         Extensive troubleshooting experience is required.  The SSA will
be part of the Tier 4 support team for the product.

·         Knowledge of the following is a must: Apache Web Server, Linux
OS, J2EE Platforms such as Weblogic, JBOSS, Tomcat or WebSphere.

·         Familiarity with Oracle and building Open Source applications
(such as Apache) will be required.

·         The following are a plus:  Familiarity with NoSQL databases,
Virtual Machines (such as VMWare or KVM), cloud services, Agile
development.  Also RabbitMQ, Riak and knowledge of automation and
monitoring software such as Chef or Puppet and Nagios.

Knowledge and experience installing, deploying OpenStack, Eucalyptus or
other open source cloud computing platforms.

·         Experience with installing, deploying Object-Storage platforms
(OpenStack Swift, GlusterFS).

·         Experience with Amazon EC2, S3, Global Load-balancing.

·         Knowledge of network related aspects; such as VPN, VLAN, NATing,
IP Addressing, Bridge networking, load-balancing, routing and securing
perimeter with IP Firewall/Masquerading.

·         Knowledge and experience deploying with storage related
technologies; SAN, NAS, File System.

·         Working experience with Chef, Puppet and/or other system
automation frameworks.

·         Knowledge of dynamic languages used for system programming, Ruby,

·         Ability to research, prototype rapidly, test, verify new Cloud
platforms and how it relates to application enablers.

·         Understanding of security technologies, RSA encryption, SSH
Keypair, HTTPS, SSL, OpenSSL

·         Experience installing and deploying java based application or web
servers; Tomcat, Weblogic, JBoss.

·         Experience with installing/deploying monitoring tools, such as
Nagios, Ganglia.

·         Experience installing, deploying with Linux OS’s (preferably
Ubuntu, CentOS and Redhat)

·         Experience working with software based load-balancing and web
server technologies, such as Nginx, HaProxy, Apache.

·         Past experience as sysadmin required.

·         Experience using Apache HBase

·         Experience using Apache Cassandra

·         Experience using Apache Hadoop

·         General – HBase/Cassandra Architecture, Installing on Cloud
Providers, Upgrading, Configuring Replication, Installing RHEL/ Linux
Tarball Package

·         Administrator - Security Management, Monitoring and Tuning,
Deploying Data Centers, Configuring Hadoop/Casandra, Configuring, Migrating
from other Databases, Backing Up and Restoring Data, Data Partitioning,
Replication, Planning a Cassandra Cluster Deployment, Initializing,
Managing a Cassandra Cluster, Configuration

·         Developer - Data Modeling, Managing Data, Querying Cassandra.

·         Hbase/Cassandra Configuration - Standalone and Distributed, Big
Cluster Configurations, , HDFS Configurations, Configuration for large
memory machines, Compression, Bigger Regions, Managed Splitting, Managed
Compactions, Speculative Execution, Balancer,

·         Upgradation - Upgrades, Migration, Replication, Distributed
splitting, Memory accounting

·         Data Models - Conceptual View, Physical View, Data Model
Operations, Sort Order, Column Metadata, Joins, ACID

·         Hbase/Casandara and Schema Design - Schema Creation/ Updates,
Rowkey Design, Timeseries Data, ColumnFamilies, Region Splits, Supported
Datatypes and Counters, Secondary Indexes and Alternate Query Paths, Filter
Query, Periodic-Update Secondary Index, Dual-Write Secondary Index, Summary
Tables, Coprocessor Secondary Index, Constraints, Operational and
Performance Configuration Options

·         Hbase/Cassandra and MapReduce - Map-Task Spitting, MapReduce
Splitter, Custom Splitters

·         Architecture - Catalog Tables, Client, Client Request Filters,
Master, RegionServer, Regions, Bulk Loading, HDFS

·         Performance Tuning - Java/ GC, Hbase/Cassandra Configurations,
Schema Design, Hbase/Cassandra General Patterns, HDFS

·         Troubleshooting/ Debugging Hbase/Cassandra - Logs, Tools,
MapReduce, NameNode, version issues

·         Operational Management - Hbase/Cassandra  Tools and Utilities,
Region Management, Node Management, Metrics, Monitoring, Cluster
Replication, Backup, Capacity Planning

*Thanks & Regards*

*Divya Dasari*

*Lead IT Recruiter*

*Ph: 972-427-1855*

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