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*Role : CICS Administrator*

*Location : Nashville, TN*

*Duration: 8+ Months*


·         Thorough understanding of CICS and Online Systems internals and
principles of operation.

·         Experience providing CICS systems support to include writing

·         Expertise with CICS Installations

·         Expertise with external ISV products related to CICS

·         Experience using Intertest / Abend-aid

·         Programming skills related to COBOL, assembler, JAVA

·         Experience at the systems diagnostics level

·         Familiarity with designing regions interactions (terminal/app and
resource owning regions)

·         Knowledge of CICS SMF records

·         Familiarity with CEDF / CEMT / CRTE (basically thorough
experience with most C*** transactions)

·         Familiarity with ISC and MRO for multi-region communication

·         Familiarity with definition and maintenance of remote resources

·         Command-level CICS programming for assembler and COBOL

·         Familiarity with PLT initialization and shutdown processing

·         Familiarity with SMP/E installation, maintenance and back out

·         Knowledge/experience with all VSAM record formats/access methods
(especially KSDS structures)

·         Knowledge of relational database connection access setup and DBMS

·         JCL Expertise

·         Knowledge of CICS CommArea layouts/control blocks

·         Knowledge of backup and recovery techniques

·         Experience with Disaster Recovery planning and testing

·         Knowledge/Experience with BMS

·         Familiarity with McKinney open/close utilities

·         Understanding of external interfaces (e.g. DB2/CICS zOS
Connect/Web Services, etc.)

·         Programming and systems design experience.

·         Familiarity with telecommunications protocols (LU6.2 / TCP/IP /
VTAM / 3270 SNA LU type 2)

·         Familiarity with external monitoring agents (e.g. BMC Mainview
for CICS)

·         Knowledge of CICS 2 phase commit processing

·         Experience with Message Queuing

·         Familiarity with TCB and SRB concepts

·         Familiarity with CICS region / virtual storage layout (conceptual

·         Familiarity with both native z/OS and CICS save and return
programming conventions

·         Familiarity with z/OS fundamentals.

·         Experience with developing CICS task related user exits (TRUE)

·         Experience in dump diagnostics and trace debugging tools

·         Familiarity with coding programming error handling routines

·         Knowledge of internal reader / spool interfaces

·         Familiarity with WTO / WTOR processing.

·         Familiarity with performance tuning methods

·         Familiarity with Security Access control software for Z/OS (RACF
/ Resource Access Control Facility)

·         Strong knowledge of personal computer systems and Microsoft
Office (or other similar productivity applications) is required

·         Experienced at developing technical documentation related to
systems integration, design interfaces and product installations


*Ajit Rathore*

*InfiCare **Technologies*| 22375 Broderick Drive #225 Dulles VA 20166 |

703-945-1834 Direct | *aj...@inficaretech.com <aj...@inficaretech.com>*

*www.infiCareTech.com <http://www.inficaretech.com/>   *

Servicing our clients since 2001    MBE/ DBE Certified in VA, MD, PA, NJ,

IT Services * Application Development * Mobility Solutions

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