*Position: (**Z/OS) **Mainframe Systems Programmers( 4 positions )*

*Duration: 12 months*

*Location: Indianapolis, IN*

*Job Description:-*

The systems programmer (or system programmer) installs, configures,
customizes, and maintains the operating system, and also installs or
upgrades software products that run on the system (middleware and
third-party software).

The scope of work could vary from doing a complete upgrade installation of
the latest version of the operating system to a simple update of a SORT
application or other third party software.  COBOL is the dominant
technology as we begin transitioning the mainframe from the east coast to

The systems programmer will perform tasks of the following:-

•             Planning software system upgrades due to new hardware or
changes in configuration

•             Training system operators re: new system features and

•             Automating operations

•             Capacity planning /DASD (disk space) Management

•             Running installation jobs and scripts

•             Performing installation-specific customization tasks

•             Integration testing to confirm the new products’
compatibility with existing applications and user procedures

•             System-wide performance tuning to meet required levels of

In addition to following written instructions, the system programmer must
be skilled at debugging systems-level software problems/issues. Using
specialized debugging tools, the systems programmer can determine where the
components have failed.

When the error has occurred in a software product, the systems programmer
works directly with the software vendor's support representatives to
determine the source of the issue, if it a known problem, and whether a
patch is available.

Systems programmers will also install and maintain the middleware on the
mainframe, such as database management systems, online transaction
processing systems, Web servers and potentially network components.

Middleware is a software "layer" between the operating system and the end
user or end user application. Each middleware component supplies specific
functionality that is not provided by the operating system itself.


*Thanks & Regards*

Bourntec Solutions, Inc.
D: 847 780 1045
Email ID: rat...@bourntec.com |www.bourntec.com

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