Dear Partner,

Hope you are doing great, please let me know if you have any suitable
consultant for below req.

*Role : Oracle ADF*

*Location : Brooklyn, NY*

*Duration : 1 year*

*Citizens / GCs only*

The candidate should have strong knowledge, low-level design and
implementation experience on the following technical skill areas:

• 4 years of experience on Oracle ADF 11g Business Services as part of Data
Access Tier: Oracle ADF Business Components (Entities, Views – Read-Only
and Updatable), Web Services (JAX-WS / JAX-RPC), EJB 2.1 / 3.0, JPA
Objects, Session Façade, Fundamental Concepts - Associations,
Object-relational mapping, transaction management, execution of custom
business logic

• 4 years of experience on Oracle ADF 11g Model Layer: JSR 227
specifications, Data Bindings and Data Controls

• 4 years of experience on Oracle ADF 11g Controller Layer: ADF Controller,
JSF Controller, Fundamental Concepts - Navigation Path Flow Management:
Navigation Cases and Navigation Rules, Task Flows – Bounded and unbounded,
reusable, page fragment

• 5+ years of experience on Oracle ADF 11g View Layer: ADF Faces UI
Components, ADF Tag Library, JSF Faces components, JSF 2.0 Tag Libraries,
Fundamentals - Form field validations, custom validators, custom convertors

• 4 years of experience on designing and developing Oracle ADF web based
applications using Oracle JDeveloper 11g as the IDE with strong knowledge
and development experience of ADF web based applications using the various
graphical and declarative tools

• 4 years of experience on Exception Handling and Logging within ADF

• 4 years of experience on Unit Testing ADF application components using
JUnit and XMLUnit

• 3 years of experience in writing Low-Level Design specifications for ADF
applications and projects based on Solution Architecture work-products and
High Level Design specifications

• 6+ years of experience on Core Java, JEE – Servlets, JSP, JSTL 2.0, Java
Beans, Design Patterns, XML, XSLT, etc

• 6+ years of experience in writing client tier code with custom
javascripts including object-oriented javascripts, javascripting
frameworks, CSS, etc

• 4 years of Proven experience of integrating Oracle ADF 11g based
applications with Oracle 11g / 10g relational databases by executing the

• SQL and DML statements on tables and database views (read-only and

• Executing PL/SQL Business Logic components – Packages, Procedures and

*In addition to the above, experience on the following skill areas would be
preferable or nice to have:*

• Database programming experience on Oracle 11g / 10g relational databases
such as:

• Developing SQL and DML statements

• Performing Oracle EXPLAIN

• Developing PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions

• Unit Testing of PL/SQL code – P/L Unit

• Integrating Oracle ADF applications with Oracle Access Manager for role
based access control, personalization based on privileges / permissions

• Integrating Oracle UCM for document management from within Oracle ADF

• Designing the UI for ADF Screens based on requirements – use cases and

*Dayanand Sagar K*
Global Information Technology Inc.
eMail :
Contact : 215-310-5009 ext 252

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