*Software engineer*

*Peachtree City , GA*

*Candidates must have 8/10 communications skills*


Candidates must have the following:


Javascript Programming experience

Detailed knowledge of Javascript programming

Has installed JS packages and libraries to start a project

Hands on experience with Javascript Module Pattern and Revealing Module

Knowledge of “Data-dash” attributes, Dependecy Injection, Templates

Experience programming with asynchronous promises.

Angular JS Programming experience

Creation of views, controllers, directives, services (in addition to
modification of existing)

Experience programming with built-in Angular JS directives  ng-if, ng-show,
ng-hide, ng-click, ng-model, ng-bind, ng-controller, ng-required,
ng-change, ng-cloak, etc, etc

Has worked through setting up unit testing with Jasmine

Has written unit tests with Jasmine, including tests for controllers,
directives, services, filters, promises

HTML Programming experience

Expert understanding based on personal coding experience of HTML structure,
including tags and attributes

Experience manipulating DOM elements through CSS selectors

Hands-on experience with HTML5 features such as “Data-dash” attributes,
input types, placeholder, local storage, semantic divisions (article,
section, header, footer, etc), required attribute, autofocus attribute

Javascript Debugging experience

Knows how to start Chrome developer tools

Knows how to stop Javascript execution at a certain line of code

Knows how to walk through Javascript code line by line with developer tools

Knows how to examine request/response data sent by the client over the

Knows how to output debug data to the console

Knows how to inspect the CSS of an element through developer tools

Knows how to test CSS modifications through developer tools

Personally able to do all of the above.

Git experience

Understands the concepts behind distributed source control systems

Knows how to pull a branch from origin

Knows how to create a new branch from master

Knows how to commit code

Knows how to merge one branch with another

Knows how to push code to server

Knows how to resolve conflicts

Personally able to do all of the above.

Nice to have:  Hybrid mobile app development experience (specifically,
we’re using Ionic with Angular JS)

Thanks and regards


Sr. Technical Recruiter

Sage Group Consulting Inc

Direct: 732-837-2139

Phone : 732.767.0010 x 312

Email : *jvam...@sagetl.com* <jvam...@sagetl.com>


yahoo: vamshijairecui...@yahoo.com


Linkedin  : https://www.linkedin.com/pub/j-vamshi/a8/b02/b4

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