*Job Title: Sr. Java Developer*
*Location: San Francisco, CA *
*Length: 6 months*

*Core qualities the manager looks for*
The most important for him is that candidates are accountable. His view of
contractors is that they typically don't think about long term
maintainability as they are not planning to be around for long term. We had
a contractor that we rolled off a few months ago because he did not want to
build the right solution, he just wanted to get things done fast with a lot
of hard coding and minimal unit tests. That would not fly with him.
The manager stressed that candidates need to have good knowledge of
databases.  I assume that is in addition to understanding Java.
The manager would like to move away from a monolithical service layer to a
more distributed architecture using containers. He is not looking for
candidates with knowledge of distributed services yet though. He is
focusing on the current architecture for now.
The manager wants to make sure people are interested in working with EJB.
Apparently that is not the most interesting Java architecture to work with.

*Skills needed:*

   - 8+ Years Java
   - Open frameworks
   - JUnit (Mockito)
   - REST (RESTEasy JBoss)
   - EJB (JBoss)
   - SQL
   - Agile (Rally)
   - Spring
   - Understand the big picture and where your code fits
   - Taking a concept and making own, individual contributor
   - Communication
   - Long tenures
   - Javascript
   - JQuery
   - JSP
   - Servlets
   - JMS
   - Rabbit MQ
   - JDBC
   - Data Modeling
   - Hibernate (HQL)
   - Oracle/Sun Java EE Certification

*Technology Stack*

   - Eclipse
   - IntelliJ
   - Maven
   - Git
   - JBoss
   - Jenkins
   - Rabbit MQ
   - Spring Batch
   - EJB
   - Hibernate
   - MySQL

*Dayanand Sagar K*
Global Information Technology Inc.
eMail : dayanand.sa...@git-org.com
Contact : 215-310-5009 ext 252
Website:- www.git-org.com

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