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*TITLE:  Data Analyst*
*LOCATION: Houston, TX*
*DURATION: 6+ Months*

Requisition Details:

Responsibilities for Data Analyst

   - Data mining of enterprise assets
   - SQL scripting to validate current processes and procedures
   - Preparing ad hoc analyses for various end business users (explaining
   - Working with business analysts to understand their current and future
   - Grinding through manual work to produce ID equivalence matches across
   different systems of records (OPIS, MPSI)
   - Ad hoc DBA for SQL server environment – designing the requisite items
   to store the data
   - Contributing to discussions on data quality


   - SQL (MS SQL and SAP Hana)
   - Geo-spatial technologies and analyses
   - Tableau (at least the ability to get something to show up for an end
   - Excel (understand how existing reports are built and how to optimize

Preferred Skills

   - Investigate current approaches to determine if there is a better/more
   effective/efficient method to accomplish a task (Geo-location, active site
   by time bracket)
   - Willingness to learn and acquire the necessary hard skills (coding and
   - Necessary to possess the soft skills – most of my work needs to be
   explained to an audience unfamiliar with what I am working with – the
   person needs to be able to articulate over email and face to face their
   approach. Essentially they need to convince the end user that their
   approach is correct and a heavy handed approach may not accomplish this
   - Data quality – needs to understand the intersection of business
   processes (consignment rules, unbranded contract rules) and how those rules
   impact the ability to produce analytics built upon the raw data. This
   requires a hybrid skill set of around equal parts technical and business
   knowledge. There is a need to be able to see a potential issue and to be
   able to identify the root cause
   - Extreme familiarity with Excel – the ability to use macros is not
   necessary although it does indicate the ability of a person to understand
   technical facts. The biggest question is whether they understand how to use
   the match function to determine if there is any duplication in the primary
   key fields (secondary is so that they can produce analyses based in Excel).
   They need to understand how to utilize case statements (Excel and SQL)
   - Analytics – Ability to tinker with existing assets to determine is
   something is technically feasible and then to determine if there is a
   tangible benefit to this – think the price counseling – this was originally
   an adhoc request that we made work. There was no structure in place just
   loose guidelines and an end goal.
   - Ability and willingness to read with an eye towards details. In
   reviewing the segmentation documentation it was necessary to be able to
   remember disparate pieces of information to make an informed decision on
   the correct approach to adopt when it came to calculations and metrics
   - Business acumen – have already touched on this above, but they need
   the ability to understand why certain things are done a certain way. This
   does not necessarily mean that this is the best way, just that it is the
   current approach. They also need to understand the existing limitations
   within the business end users and what they are capable of doing given
   their assets, and in parallel the limitations of the assets utilized to
   access and store the data
   - Technology – agnostic, in a nut shell they need to be capable to
   becoming familiar with any range of skills, at a minimum, sql and excel
   although there are different flavors of sql they should be able to quickly
   adapt to the nuances of each. Essentially, they need not be a master of any
   one particular skill set but rather need to be a generalist capable of
   continual learning



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