*Please submit resumes to go...@lancoglobal.com <go...@lancoglobal.com>*

Java Tech Lead
Location: Boston, MA
Financial Experience

*In case of H1b consultants visa copy is a must.*

Understanding of trading domain that is background in finance and financial
Understanding of financial data – Equity/Fixed Income/Derivatives/Mutual

Core Java Skills
Clear understanding of dealing with Floating Point Numbers
Difference between reference equals and identity equals
Data Structures – How to choose best collection for a given problem
Understanding of good software design – Immutability, Single Responsibility
Concurrency – How to deal with multiple threads understand (Executors,
Callable, Futures) pros and cons of threads and how to detect and deal with
Race conditions
Understand Test Driven Development – Knows Junit, Mocks difference between
unit/integration test
Java 8 stream api and lambda’s – Nice to have

Architecture Skills
Understand core design patterns. (Decorator, Observer, Façade, Strategy)
 Be able to give use cases and explain how to select appropriate patterns.
Distributed System problems/challenges of dealing with distributed
applications across geographically separate data centers.
Demonstrate ability to think on their feet with sample problems
Experience in High Frequency Trading Environment a big plus

Distributed Messaging
Issues with trying to ensure a message was delivered from point A to point B
Prior use with JMS or AMQP a plus however we use proprietary messaging
How best to trace message flow between different locations
How best to optimize throughput in a distributed messaging system

Algorithmic Skills
How to design state-full, event-driven algorithms
Solid understanding of Algorithmic time complexity and "big-O" notation

Networking Skills
Understanding of how IP protocol works (Routing, DNS, ICMP)
Able to think on their feet and be able to handle white board problems in
this area

Nice to Have
Understanding of TCP and UDP and experience developing TCP based client
using either blocking/non-blocking socket IO tools in Java or a toolkit
like Netty/Grizzy
Understand of how to debug lost or garbled connection over a highly
distributed system
Difference between Blocking Socket IO and Non-Blocking Socket IO

Build/OS Skills
Experience using Maven 3.x and Nexus Repository
Experience with TeamCity/Jenkins build server
Understand linux command line tools – bash, wc, tail, grep, pipe
Basic understanding how to connect and manipulate data in an oracle dbms –

Intangible Skills
Ability to learn custom frameworks and new tools quickly
Ability to selectively apply concepts and implement techniques provided by
other frameworks.
Ability to invent new tools and yet not re-invent the wheel

*Thanks & Regards,*

*972-848-3529 X 301*
*go...@lancoglobal.com <go...@lancoglobal.com>*

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