Dear Professionals,
Please have the below requirement and send me your consultant resumes That
fits the below job description.

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*Note :* This is Not our direct client requirement.

Position  : Sr. Front End Engineer/JavaScript Developer
Location  : Minneapolis, Minnesota
Duration  : 1  Year
Must provide Visa Copy along with the resume

Ability to develop dynamic web experiences using modern design patterns and
architecture with JS, HTML and CSS.
Experienced ability to write efficient, clean, professional code.
Ability and experience writing vanilla JS to create an app.
Experience using some of the more common JS libraries and frameworks.
Something beyond Angular.
Ability to use JS, or JS libraries, to manipulate elements on a web page.
Experience with DOM manipulation using vanilla JS or libraries.
Familiarity with current JS methods (ES5+).
An understanding of JSON, AJAX and implementing a RESTful API.
Knowledge and efficient practice utilizing modern tools and browsers for
developing and debugging.
Passion to learn and advance your skills and those of other team members.
Experience using version control, preferably Git.

*****Preferred/at least two of the following:*
Experience using client-side template libraries or frameworks.
Experience using Node and related build and automation tools.
Willingness to suggest improvements for processes or standards.
Familiarity or experience working in an Agile environment.
An understanding of MV*.
Familiarity with unit testing for JS.
Experience using CSS preprocessors.
Experience developing responsive experiences.
Familiarity with event delegation and management in JS.
Chris Brown | Technical Recruiter
Panzer Solutions LLC

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