2009/5/22 ????? ???????????? <olga.kryzhanovska at gmail.com>:
> Granted, but the number of individual contributions and the total size
> of committed changes is only a fraction of the changes at freebsd.org
> or kernel.org.

The 400 number is small and misleading - it only covers the community
members who are not Sun employees.  The hundreds (thousands?) of Sun
employees who contribute to OpenSolaris have the ability to do direct
putbacks/commits without going thru the sponsor process.  I don't have
access to the raw data because I am no longer at Sun, but a more
complete picture needs to include those thousands (tens of thousands?)
of contributions, bug fixes, putbacks etc as well.

Some of this can be seen by following the ON putback logs, but there
are many other code bases to look at as well, and I don't know of
anyone who is aggregating/tracking all the data.

Of course, the real solution is to get rid of that artificial barrier
and make it so everyone has the same level of direct access, but that
isn't this thread :-)


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