2009/5/22 Shawn Walker <swalker at opensolaris.org>:
> When it comes down to it, I personally don't find value in comparing the
> value of open source projects based on statistical analysis of
> contributions. ?The real value in any software is the quality of utility it
> provides to a user.

Granted, but there are others (like Olga?) who value the community as
well:  How vibrant is it?  How easy is it for someone like me to make
a contribution that improves the code?  Where is everyone else working
in this large confusing mass of code and codebases; where is the
excitement, where is the fun?

Nobody wants to work on a dead-end project or fork (look at the
activity for UFS -vs- ZFS over the last year...), so it is natural for
people to look for statistics to help guide them towards active areas.
 mailing list activity is one measure, but so is the number of
contributions.  This data helps people understand what is happening -
and helps them to decide if/where they want to contribute.  For some,
that question will be "hmmm, ufs or zfs?", but for others, it will be
"hmm, darwin -vs- opensolaris -vs- freebsd?".


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