There is a correction.A wrong bug id was given by mistake.
We, Varun Rao and Radhesh Krishnan K would like to work on the bug 6700707
and hence contribute to open solaris.
We request you to assign a sponsor for the same.My SCA no is OSO 352.
The synopsis for the same is

*Bug ID*  6700707   *Synopsis*  comments format nits in nss_common.c   *
State*  1-Dispatched (Default State)   *Category:Subcategory*
network:nsswitch   *Keywords*  oss-bite-size | rtiq_internal   *Sponsor*
  *Reported Against*
  *Duplicate Of*
  *Introduced In*  solaris_nevada   *Commit to Fix*
  *Fixed In*
  *Release Fixed*
  *Related Bugs*
*Submit Date*  12-May-2008   *Last Update Date*  29-January-2009   *

During code review of s10 fix for:

6564720 Large groups bug still in this release

it's been mentionned that some comments are not formatted as they
should be. I'll fix them as suggested in the s10 fix for 6564720 and
open this CR for nevada since fix for 6564720 has already been
integrated (snv_87). The comments to be corrected are:

1. on line 73 below, this should be 'The' rather than 'the'.

     70  * PSARC/2005/133 updated the buffering mechanisms to handle
     71  * up to 2^64 buffering.  But sets a practical limit of 512*1024.
     72  * the expectation is the practical limit will be dynamic from
     73  * nscd.  For now, set the group limit to this value.

2. there should be a '.' at end of line 2294 below:

   2293  * Internal private API to return default suggested buffer sizes
   2294  * for nsswitch API requests

  *Work Around*


Thanks and regards,

Varun Rao
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