Brian Cameron wrote:
> Ghee:
>> Where is the communication channel? I would like to submit project and
>> also consolidate project ideas from the Desktop side.
> I know the GNOME community is going to do GSOC this year, so if there
> are desktop related projects, it might make more sense to submit them
> via the GNOME community rather than Sun, unless you are planning to
> submit a Sun-specific desktop project.
  I would not call it Sun-specific desktop project. There should be 
*not* Sun  specific project. There should be only OpenSolaris specific 
projects here. I am talking about GSOC for OpenSolaris.

Yes, GNOME is the right place for the desktop projects, there were over 
200 submissions last year in GNOME and Google has given GNOME funding 
for 40 projects. However, there are technologies which are very much 
OpenSolaris specific (though not exclusively) such as DTrace/ZFS/SMF 
probably harder to get patches upstream in GNOME. Though it is not 

I believe the OpenSolaris community can contribute to the greater values 
for FOSS by developing the OpenSolaris technologies even on the desktop 
and in time to come may even give back to GNOME (dreaming of the day 
when DTrace/ZFS is part of the Linux offering).

I like to see some native/orignal development in OpenSolaris, GSOC can 
be a excellent source to stimulate that development.

> The odds of a project getting a knowledgeable mentor would be better
> using the GNOME community since there are many more GNOME developers in
> the overall GNOME community than at Sun alone.
> Brian
>>> On Mar 2, 2009, at 10:54 AM, John Sonnenschein wrote:
>>>> Hey everyone.
>>>> Does anyone know if we're putting together a bid for GSoC this year?
>>>> Applications open on the 9th. I'd be interested in helping out by
>>>> mentoring or just helping put together the bid.
>>>> -JohnS
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