Is there a way that I can contribute to opensolaris development?  I've
been installing and using the Nevada builds as they are released.  I
participate in several of the opensolaris forums.  I've installed the
compilers and build tools, although I'm not sure that I need them.
I'm not really interesting in building the entire OS from source, just
for the sake of doing it.

I enjoy tracking down bugs and fixing them.  I thought that the bite-
sized bugs would be a good place to start, but all of them seem to be
already assigned to somebody else.  Are there any bugs left?

I'm quite familiar with Solaris.  I'm an experienced C programmer,
having written RPC clients and servers and PAM modules, for example.
I've also written a compiler, a linker, and device drivers, although
not for Solaris in this case.

I've spent many frustrating hours on the opensolaris web site trying
to figure out how I can contribute code.  Most of this led me in
circles or in wrong directions.  Perhaps you can refer me to the
right place.

-Gary Mills-    -Unix Support-    -U of M Academic Computing and Networking-

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