Gary Mills writes:
> Is there a way that I can contribute to opensolaris development?  I've


> I enjoy tracking down bugs and fixing them.  I thought that the bite-
> sized bugs would be a good place to start, but all of them seem to be
> already assigned to somebody else.  Are there any bugs left?

There seem to be 612 bugs marked with the "oss-bite-size" keyword.
Quite a few are in "defer - no resource available" state, so I'm sure
there's something in there.  It's all a question of what you want to
work on.

There are also quite a few bugs and RFEs on;
well worth looking through.

> I've spent many frustrating hours on the opensolaris web site trying
> to figure out how I can contribute code.  Most of this led me in
> circles or in wrong directions.  Perhaps you can refer me to the
> right place.

Step 0 is to decide where you want to contribute.  OpenSolaris is
composed of a set of "consolidations" -- call them "repositories" if
you like.  Each one has a different purpose.

Perhaps the most commonly discussed one is OS-Net, or "ON."  That has
the OS kernel, most device drivers, and much of the networking

There are many others, including SFW, X, Desktop, Install.

Step 1 is to read the documentation for the area where you want to
contribute and then follow it.  The rules for each consolidation are
similar, but different, due to the differing needs and goals of the

In general, for contributions on your own, you'll need:

  - Some work that you've done

  - Architectural, design, and code reviews (as appropriate)

  - A signed contributor agreement

  - A "sponsor" to get the bits integrated

That last bit is intended to be a temporary measure, due to problems
with the infrastructure.  In the future, you'll be able to file an RTI
(request to integrate) and then integrate directly.

For contributions to a project, things are quite a bit simpler.  Just
contact the folks on the project team using the mailing list for that
project, ask where you can help (if it isn't already obvious), and
then contribute.  For most projects, the source is accessible via
Mercurial or SVN, and once you're part of the project team, you can
change it yourself.

There is no step 2.  ;-}

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