Please move the following bugs to the suspended state as we
have not heard from the community engineer for a while.

The bugs are:

#39 6297026  utility/smf/William Wahl fmri_to_entity() should have finer  
error semantics         
Requester: Abhilash ?? OS0XXX/Arjun Asok Nair OS0211

#50  6419671  utility/smf/William Wahl svcprop -1 & -T  
Requester: L Ravi Narayanan/OS0XXX       

#51 6473940 utility/smf/William Wahl manifeste-import should handle  
upgrade-file failure better     
Requester: Shalini Raghavan OS0XXX/Ivana M OS0XXX        


B.J. Wahl
Solaris Kernel Development 

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