I'd like to fix the following bug in Open HA Cluster. Here are the required


*Bug/RFE ID*: 4616225

Depending upon whether or not a cluster node is booted with -x,
you get the following:

        Booting as part of a cluster
        Not booting as part of a cluster

The latter is just plain bad English. The node is in fact booting
in both cases.

Also, the former isn't necessarily true. The node may be trying
to +join+ a cluster, but it won't be able to boot as +part+ of a

cluster unless other components of the cluster which satisfy
quorum requirements are available.

A more correct way of stating the above would be:

        Booting in cluster mode
        Booting in non-cluster mode

So this can be solved by simply modifying the echo statements in
usr/src/cmd/initpkg/init.d/bootcluster and

*Full Name*: Lalith Suresh P

*Sun Contributor ID*: OS0346

Thanks and regards,
Lalith Suresh
Department of Computer Engineering
Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur
+91-9982190365 , lalithsuresh.wordpress.com
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