This CR has already been fixed (to the extent that it can be fixed)
with the delivery of the Sparks project and subsequent bug fixes
back in snv_50, and subsequent bug fixes back in March 2008.

When naming services was re-architected, the internal buffer size
limitations were removed, but an external maximum size limit of 512K
per entry was imposed to avoid potential DoS issues with NSCD.

At this time, Solaris Nevada/OpenSolaris has been extensively tested
using large groups (on naming services that support large groups)
on a regular basis.

Specifically, both files and LDAP can handle large numbers of group

A call to sysconf(_SC_GETGR_R_SIZE_MAX) call should show a value
of 524288.

NIS, does have a fixed protocol limit, and there is no plan to change
that limit at this time.  Doing so would break backwards compatibility.
Suns recommendation is to replace NIS with LDAP.

W.r.t. CR 6322280 specifically, this CR should have been closed
along with:
         6564720 Large groups bug still in this release
         6662929 getusernam(3secdb) and friends return null when the 
selected /etc/user_attr line is > 1024

back in March of 2007.  I will update the CR appropriately.


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