Mark Martin wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 8:30 PM, Alan Coopersmith
> <Alan.Coopersmith at> wrote:
>> The X build for Nevada build 107 includes this putback, which includes
>> among many other changes, two contributions made by non-Sun-employed
>> community members to the project while it was under development in a
>> public repo under the Fully Open X (FOX) project on
> Wait -- they committed directly?  That would be very cool if so.

Martin has direct commit access to our hg project gates on
and committed to those - I pulled part of his commits into the putback
I did to our internal TeamWare master workspace.

Liang used our hg project gates on to build & test his fixes,
then e-mailed me directly, and I did the commit to both the public hg & the
internal TeamWare master.

(Converting our master workspace to hg got delayed a bit due to the time
 spent on integrating this project, but is still planned to happen within
 the next 6 months or so - making the master be external is going to depend
 on when the SCM hosting on is ready to setup master/clone
 gates with commit hooks & auto-syncing, which they're working on now for
 the ON gate migration, and we'll probably follow once that's tested &

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