Hi Roland,

Nice idea! Just a few comments/suggestions:

o Need to identify 'area of disparate pain' first, by that I meant 
something annoying lots of people and benefit lots of people. E.g. 
significant performance improvement in boot up till login or a distro 
small enough to sequence into a iphone.

o Proposed process is too complex. How can we get a couple of lawyers 
for 4 days looking at hackers working away. They will be bored stiff.

o  should want to be able to do everything from engineers' laptop with 
internet access outside SWAN.
      so does OpenSolaris allow hackers to do that?
     If not, may be the first hackfest is to make that possible.


Roland Mainz wrote:
> Hi!
> ----
> Would be there some interest to run a small experiment and create a
> "hacking festival" (short: "hackfest") for OpenSolaris ?
> The goal is a bit different than a normal "hackfest" - the idea in this
> case is to get as _many_ putbacks (e.g. getting the maximum
> throughput+quality by having all neccesary people for the putbacks in
> _one_ location for four days with enougth coffee, whiteboards, pizza and
> computers) into OS/Net and SWFNV done as possible - which means we need:
> 1. Hackers/developers/engineers (up to 30 people maximum, canidate
> projects must have at least a raw prototype codebase which a) works
> (more or less) and b) fully passes a nightly build)
> 2. putback sponsors (from Sun's side)
> 3. Code reviewers (usually recruited from either [1], [2] or via IRC)
> 4. People to do the RTI
> 5. A copy of the OS/Net + SFWNV gates which is constantly being tested
> (e.g. putbacks first go into the matching SFWNV+OS/Net "hackfest" gate
> and once the summit is over the gate is tested again and then synced
> with the main gate)
> 6. Two or more lawyers (if any license issues need to be
> checked+approved)
> 7. Fast development and build machines.
> The basic layout should look like this:
> - Development machines/workstations (with no root rights for the owners
> to keep them in a "stable" state (hacking/testing experiments can be
> done on the "test" machines below (all machines share NFS home dirs+work
> dirs so there shouldn't be a problem)))
> - Test machines for doing BFU&co.
> - Gate machines (where the "hackfest" gates are located)
> - NFS&6o. servers (for the development machines) which provide home
> dirs, project dirs, HG+Subversion repositories, email services, NTP,
> FTP, Jumpstart etc.
> - Tinderbox machines which constantly build+test the "hackfest" gates to
> test whether all putbacks are working
> Comments/suggestions/etc. welcome...
> ----
> Bye,
> Roland

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