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For awhile now, we have been able to add external developers to
the interest list of a bug in bugster that allows them to see all
public fields and updates.  Please keep in mind that the field
"Comments" is not included in these emails, so if you wish to share
updates publicly, please use the "Public Comments" note instead.

Also, be aware that, due to restrictions given by the privacy office,
email addresses are stripped from these emails.  So, if you are
requesting additional information from the submitter, please
still contact them directly as they will not even see your email
address as the sender. In fact, they will see something like

From: bugmail-sen...@sun.com
Subject: CR 6395994 P3->P4 bt2-test-cat/sub-cat-1
        <email address omitted> test email notifications 2
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;

*Synopsis*: <email address omitted> test email notifications 2

Due to a change requested by <User 1-5Q-3343>,
<User 1-5Q-6759> is now the responsible engineer for:

This CR has had a change of priority to or from a high value.

CR 6395994 changed on Jul 25 2007 by <User 1-5Q-3343>

ONe thing to note, though, the "User #" given here is unique
per internal employee.

I apologize for this inconvenience and will work on getting
this revisited in the future.

Valerie Fenwick, http://blogs.sun.com/bubbva
Solaris Security Technologies,  Developer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
17 Network Circle, Menlo Park, CA, 94025.

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