This is a sponsor request for the ksh93-integration update2 putback
which is covered by the following CR#'s in bugster:
CR #6793763 ("RFE: Update /usr/bin/ksh93 to ast-ksh.2009-01-14")
CR #6793722 ('RFE: Update /usr/bin/cmp to AT&T AST "cmp')
CR #6793714 ('RFE: Update /usr/bin/comm to AT&T AST "comm')
CR #6793719 ('RFE: Update /usr/bin/cut to AT&T AST "cut"')
CR #6793721 ('RFE: Update /usr/bin/paste to AT&T AST "paste"')
CR #6793747 ('RFE: Provide "print" builtin as /usr/bin/print for
external applications')
CR #6793726 ('RFE: Update /usr/bin/uniq to AT&T AST "uniq"')
CR #6793735 ('RFE: Update /usr/bin/wc to AT&T AST "wc"')
CR #6794952 ("RFE: Enable "globstar" mode in /etc/ksh.kshrc (=
interactive ksh93 shells)")
CR #6800113 ("We need a /usr/xpg4/bin/printf utility for SUS
CR #6793744 ("RFE: Add /usr/share/doc/ksh/ for ksh93 documentation")
CR #6791838 ("*ksh93* unset of a variable which is not set should return
CR #6790507 ("RFE: Update /usr/bin/tail and /usr/xpg4/bin/tail to AT&T
AST tail")
CR #6789247 ("[ku1] libast/ksh93 1-digit hexfloat base conversion rounds
CR #6778077 ("*ksh93* does not understand "THAW" as a signal for use
with trap")
CR #6631969 ("/usr/bin/printf does not recognize positional arguments
like %n$")
CR #6765756 ("*libast* Array overruns in libast")
CR #6764665 ("*libpp* Array overrun in libpp")
CR #6805792 ("Moving local compound var into array does not work")
CR #6805794 ('printf returns "invalid character constant" for $ printf
"%d\n" "'<euro>"')
CR #6805797 ('Can't append to nodes of an array of comp. vars if
addressing them via nref')
CR #6805795 ("ksh93 does not differ between -0 and +0")
CR #6805800 ("Declaring associative compound array does not work")
CR #6805799 ("Indexed compound variable arrays do not work...")

Note that this list looks large but this is technically only one single

My contributor ID is "OS0025".



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