I can help you with this, but I think we need to solve some additional problems 
w/ isaexec as well as the one detailed in this bug report; Jim Carlsen's 
comments in the bug report are on target here:

The isaexec issue doesn't seem to ring true for Perl, at least not for
the one we ship.

% truss -fo /tmp/jdc /usr/bin/perl < /dev/null
% grep exec /tmp/jdc
432101: execve("/usr/perl5/5.8.4/bin/perl", 0xFFBFF374, 0xFFBFF37C)  argc = 1

I don't doubt there are other obscure cases where this feature could cause
trouble, though.  To make this fix complete, I think you'd have to hack
at the kernel interface, though.  Merely hacking the user space utility
would leave applications that know about the public isaexec(3C) interface
vunerable and strangely unaffected.

Thus, I'm moving this over to the kernel category.
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