On Mon, 19 May 2008, Bonnie Corwin wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> FYI, I will not be adding this request to the request-sponsor table
> because this isn't a program for Sun engineers.  This program provides a
> way for non-Sun OpenSolaris community members to request a sponsor for
> putbacks to consolidation gates that are inside Sun's firewall.

Hi Bonnie,

I've noticed that Thomas sent this request via his private email address, 
makes me assume this is spare time work and not directly associated to his 
day-to-day chores as a Sun employee.

Your mail seems to imply that Sun employees should not use the community 
process to contribute. Is that really so ?

I'm confused by that, on one hand there's the Sun engineer encouraged to 
be part of a community, on the other hand there's the same Sun engineer, 
in doing a community contribution, being held to different standards for 
no other reason than being a Sun engineer.

Why should Sun engineers use different processes for contributing code 
than non-Sun community members ?

Thanks for clarification on this,

> Thanks.
> Bonnie
> Dan Mick wrote:
>> I don't believe the fix is appropriate; it's unsafe to recognize
>> controllers that are not using the right self-id information.  That's why
>> those lines were added (because we know of such devices).
>> Thomas Tornblom wrote:
>>> CR 5031620 has a trivial fix, removing two source lines, which if
>>> implemented allows easy addition of new and unknown ATA controllers.
>>> One might even argue that is_pciide() has a bug that is unnecessarily
>>> stopping some adapters from working.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Thomas Tornblom (Sun employee)

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